by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: Seagate, VIAVI, SwiftStack, QNAP, & SolarWinds

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Seagate releases 2TB drive for Sony’s PlayStation 4. VIAVI launches Observer GigaFlow. SwiftStack supports Veeam Cloud Tier. QNAP releases MediQPACS. SolarWinds unveils Flow Tool Bundle.

Seagate Releases 2TB Drive For PS4

Seagate announced yet another external drive designed specifically for console gaming, the Sony PlayStation Game Drive 2TB. The new drive can let users store roughly 50 games on it and connects through a USB cable. The drive comes with PlayStation branding and a MSRP of $89.99.

Seagate Game Drive for PS4

VIAVI Launches Observer GigaFlow

VIAVI announced the launch of its new solution that delivers enriched flow records to stitch together user, network, and infrastructure data into a single record, Observer GigaFlow. Benefits include:

  • End-user experience delivers in-depth situational awareness for each IT stakeholder to ensure optimal service delivery
  • High-fidelity forensic visibility into every network conversation over time, reducing mean time to resolution
  • Advanced service path visibility ensures immediate problem domain isolation across a complex hybrid IT environment
  • Automated threat assessment, creating a new line of defense utilizing an enriched flow record for immediate identification of rogue activity.

VIAVI Observer

SwiftStack Supports Veeam Cloud Tier

SwiftStack announced day one support for Veeam’s new Cloud Tier. SwiftStack also announced that they support Veeam’s new backup and recovery capabilities as well. One example of the new capabilities allows users to move local data between performance and capacity tiers created in SwiftStack. 

SwiftStack Veeam

QNAP Releases MediQPACS

QNAP released MediQPACS that will turn any QNAP NAS into a private PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) server. MediQPACS is available through the QTS App Center. NAS system requirements:

  • MediQPACS is a containerized application. Container Station 1.8.3031 (or later) is required to use MediQPACS.
  • QTS 4.3.4 (or later).
  • x86 (Intel/AMD) processor with at least 2 GB RAM (4GB RAM is recommended for the smoothest usage experience). Note: ARM-based NAS will be supported in future versions.


SolarWinds Unveils Flow Tool Bundle

SolarWinds unveiled its new set of analysis tools, SolarWinds Flow Tool Bundle. This is a free tool bundle that is available now. Highlights and features include:

  • NetFlow Replicator can help tech pros more easily distribute flow data to multiple destinations for traffic or security analysis and configure random sampling of flow data packets to help reduce the load on the monitored system and collector.
  • NetFlow Generator simulates network flow data so tech pros can test and validate their configurations. This functionality is especially helpful when testing the behavior of more complex network entities, such as load balancers, firewall rules, and alert trigger conditions.
  • NetFlow Configurator remotely configures and activates NetFlow v5 on supported Cisco devices. With this tool, tech pros can easily set up the router to send NetFlow records to their collector.
  • Features:
    • Replicate IPv4 and IPv6 flow data to multiple destinations
    • Generate simulated flow traffic to aid in flow tool troubleshooting
    • Test and validate configurations
    • Remotely and quickly configure NetFlow v5
    • Activate NetFlow and find bandwidth hogs

SolarWinds Flow Tool Bundle

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