by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: SQream, X-IO, SolarWinds, Pivot3, SwiftStack, HYCU, Nutanix, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. SQream and X-IO partner on ultra-fast computing. SolarWinds introduces cloud-first backup service. Pivot3 announces Cloud Edition. SwiftStack demonstrates multi-cloud media workflows at NAB Show 2018. HYCU expands data protection to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Gluster releases version 4.0. MariaDB acquires MammothDB. Veritas acquires fluidOps. Adobe and NVIDIA announce AI partnership.

SQream & X-IO Partner On Ultra-Fast Computing

The GPU database company, SQream, announced it is collaborating with X-IO to bring a GPU-based edge computing solution with database and storage in one converged appliance for analyzing massive datasets. Testing the solution provided the following results:

  • Significant resource savings in terms of hardware, man-hour costs, and data center space, using the converged solution
  • SQream and Axellio SQL analytics benchmark reaching 11.5TB per hour
  • Ingesting and analyzing up to 1PB, queries ran up to 2.5 times faster than other flash-based hardware solutions
  • Data rates were consistent at 3.2GB/s per GPU, more than double the peak performance measured with other solutions.

SQream DB and X-IO Axellio Solution

SolarWinds Introduces Cloud-First Backup Service

SolarWinds introduced its backup solution targeted to protect physical and virtual server whle being targeted for direct use by end-users, SolarWinds Backup. Features include:

  • Easy implementation involving simply dropping an agent on each server.
  • Unified, cloud-first backup service for physical and virtual servers.
  • Robust and reliable enough to handle even large machines and applications.
  • Fast backup and rapid restore with built-in compression and deduplication.
  • Simple, at-a-glance web-based console.
  • No hardware to buy or manage, no manual configuration. Secure storage in SolarWinds’ global private cloud is included.

SolarWinds Backup is available now starting at $2,995

SolarWinds Backup

Pivot3 Announces Cloud Edition

Pivot3 announced its Cloud Edition on AWS. This allows its customers to extend their HCI software platform to the cloud as part of Pivot3’s strategy to unify on-premises and public cloud infrastructures. The new Cloud edition allows customers to use innovations and intelligence of Pivot3’s policy-based management for data protection while leveraging AWS for backup and DR.


SwiftStack Demonstrates Multi-Cloud Media Workflows at NAB 18

SwiftStack announced that it will be demonstrating multi-cloud media workflows at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas April 7-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth # SU8502CM. SwiftStack will demonstrate a production eSports workflow built around SwiftStack software, Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers, and Vizrt’s Viz One Media Asset Manager. Also the company will show off how this innovative workflow can extend into Google Cloud Platform and be orchestrated by Cisco CloudCenter.


HYCU Expands Data Protection To The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

HYCU has extended its data protection to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, giving it the ability to protect and manage data across both Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments. Key benefits include:

  • AFS Backup and Recovery: AFS users now have the first purpose-built data protection support for impact-free, agentless file-share backup. HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix leverages Nutanix Change File Tracking (CFT) APIs to perform impact free backup. With the new support, users can backup in a fraction of the time it takes for legacy backup. It also leverages the scale out function of HYCU and AFS to perform backups in parallel. Even the first full backup can be completely parallelized.
  • Deeper Application Coverage: In addition to supporting the most popular Microsoft Application stacks, HYCU has extended its application coverage to include Oracle databases. The unique design of HYCU enables applications to be supported across AHV, ESXi and standalone vSphere deployments.
  • Self-Service Recovery for Service Provider Use Cases: Service providers can now delegate backup and recovery tasks to level 1 helpdesk, tenant administrators, individual VM or application owners. In addition, service providers also have the ability to license on a per VM basis. For service providers that are delivering data protection-as-a-service, this makes HYCU extremely attractive.
  • Non-Nutanix VMware vSphere Backup: Customers can now extend HYCU’s simplicity to protect ESXi environments running on non-Nutanix architectures. The ability to protect Nutanix and non-Nutanix virtualized environments with HYCU enables customers to seamlessly and gradually move applications and virtual machines to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and leverage Nutanix from day 1 for application test and development expansion.


Gluster Releases 4.0

The Gluster Community announced the latest version of its Scale-out storage solution Gluster 4.0. New features include:

  • GlusterD-2.0, the distributed management engine for Gluster that is designed to provide better scale for membership of servers in a trusted storage pool. GlusterD-2.0 represents an architecture rewrite that introduces improvements designed to make it more scalable and easier to configure, use, integrate with, and maintain - especially at high scale. GlusterD-2.0 includes a set of ReSTful interfaces for volume and membership operations allowing DevOps practices to be adopted for infrastructure automation and consumption. Because GlusterD-2.0 integrates with an embedded etcd store, it can enable a higher degree of consistency for state management within a trusted storage pool. GlusterD-2.0 also provides a more flexible plugin framework aimed at making it easier for developers to add additional metrics.
  • Deeper integration with Kubernetes using Heketi, a dynamic provisioning tool to manage the lifecycle of GlusterFS volumes. The latest version of Heketi introduces several new features that are designed to deepen Gluster’s integration with Kubernetes, including: support for provisioning Gluster-block backed persistent volumes and expanding persistent volumes; custom volume names for persistent volumes; Prometheus metrics collection for Gluster volumes; improved device management; and an enhanced database.
  • Protocol changes resulting from a new on-wire Remote Procedure Call (RPC) version. This new RPC version improves XDR constructs and adds more defined members and a new dictionary that enhances encoding and decoding processes.
  • Performance improvements related to Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS)-compliant systems enabling it to work with software that is designed to meet U.S. government security standards.


MariaDB Acquires MammothDB

MariaDB announced that it has acquired the analytics database company MannothDB. This acquisition will strengthen MariaDB’s analytic solution MariaDB AX and its larger DBaaS strategy while allowing the company to expand into Europe more. The sum of the acquisition was not disclosed.


Veritas Acquires fluidOps

Veritas Technologies announced that it has acquired fluid Operations AG, known as fluidOps. This German-based software company focused on managing, integrating, orchestrating, and optimizing both structured and unstructured data sources housed in silos across on-premises, private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Veritas will take the new technology and integrate it into their current and future data management solutions, such as Veritas Access 7.4 and 360 Data Management to give customers better insight into their data.


Adobe + NVIDIA Announce AI Partnership

At the Adobe Summit that followed right behind the GTC 2018, Adobe and NVIDIA announced a partnership where Adobe’s Sensei AI and machine leanding framework will be optimized with NVIDIA GPUs. The partnership is aimed at speeding time to market and improving performance of new Sensei-powered services for Adobe Creative Cloud. The companies also state that this collaboration will extend the availability of Sensei APIs and to broaden the Sensei ecosystem to a new audience of developers, data scientists and partners.

Adobe Sensei

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