by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: StorMagic, Nimbus, Carbonite, Mozy, Mellanox, Microsoft, Microsemi, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. StorMagic sees 400% adoption growth. Nimbus launches 100TB SSD. Carbonite finishes acquiring Mozy. Mellanox and Microsoft announces hybrid cloud solution. Microsemi announces new HBAs and RAID adaptors. Condusiv releases three new software products. Morpheus Data expands features of its Unified Multi-cloud Orchestration Platform. Seagate’s new technology gives impressive results.

StorMagic Sees 400% Adoption Growth

StorMagic announced that its partner program has seen a 400% growth since it began in 2016. Achievements and trends include:

  • More than 200 new partners added in worldwide geographies, ensuring the availability and support of StorMagic SvSAN globally.
  • Customer deployments into 23 new countries including Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Thailand.
  • Addition of five new distributors, including BYTEC (Germany), Exertis (UK), Pianto (Germany), Ready Informatica (Italy) and Xield (China).
  • Dual-server, fully-configured StorMagic Dell/EMC appliances introduced, available initially in the UK, with pricing starting at approximately $20,000.
  • Cisco added StorMagic to the Global Price List so that all Cisco channel partners worldwide can sell a bundled solution with UCS and SvSAN.
  • Lenovo added StorMagic to their U.S. Price List for all of their end user sales teams and channel partners to bundle with any Lenovo servers.
  • SvSAN is being widely adopted into enterprises with distributed IT staff, ROBO, small datacenters, and enterprise edge computing sites, across multiple vertical markets.
  • StorMagic introduced Predictive Storage Caching to boost performance by up to 400 percent by intelligently moving data between storage caches.
  • Schneider Electronics and StorMagic announced “Branch in a Box” today. The bundle is a complete IT solution combining rack and power components from APC, redundant hyperconverged appliances based on Dell/EMC servers, and VMware hypervisor and virtual SAN software from StorMagic.

StorMagic Partners

Nimbus Launches 100TB SSD

Nimbus Data announced what it is calling the largest capacity SSD, the ExaDrive DC100. This new drive comes with 100TB of capacity in a 3.5” form factor with SATA interface. The performance is quoted as 500K IOPS and up to 500MB/s. The drive also comes in a 50TB model.

Nimbus ExaDrive

Carbonite Finishes Acquiring Mozy

Carbonite announced that it has finished acquiring Mozy from Dell Technologies. The total price was $145.8 million in cash. The companies plans now include:

  • Protect the data of existing Mozy customers and partners
  • Secure the investment that employees, customers and partners have made in Mozy
  • Enhance and expand the data protection capabilities of Mozy customers and partners through the Carbonite Data Protection Platform


Mellanox & Microsoft Announces Hybrid Cloud Solution

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. announced a new solution that it sates will simplify extending existing non-virtualized on premise data centers to  Microsoft Azure while also reducing costs. The solution includes Mellanox Spectrum swtiches and ConnectX IO adapters running over Microsoft’s Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC). The companies are stating that the solutions can scale to millions of VMs while reducing complexity and costs.


Microsemi Announces New HBAs & RAID Adaptors

Microsemi released and announced new HBAs and RAID adaptors. The new Adaptec HBA 1100, SmartHBA 2100, and SmartRAID 3100 are all powered by AMD’s EPYC processor series. The new HBAs and RAID adaptors and their capabilities include:

  • The HBA 1100 is optimized for SDS, cold storage and raw high-performance connectivity. It also includes:
    • Adapters with up to 24 ports using 28nm SAS/SATA-optimized silicon, offering an optimal power profile for the target applications
    • Support for host-managed and host-aware SMR drives
    • Broad OS driver support, including inbox driver support
    • Performance of up to 1.7 million input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • The SmartHBA 2100 is optimized for SDS applications which desire hardware RAID for OS boot drives as well as entry level RAID for SMBs. It also provides:
    • Basic RAID without compromising on the requirement for a fully featured and functional HBA, which is required for multi-path IO and SDS applications
    • Mixed mode enables drives to be independently configured as raw drives or as part of a logical volume
    • True hardware RAID for RAID 0,1,10 and RAID 5
    • Industry's only basic RAID solution with more than eight ports
  • The SmartRAID 3100 is optimized for enterprise storage applications which require the highest level of data availability and data center applications which benefit from caching. It also features:
    • Adapters with up to 24 ports using 28nm SAS/SATA-optimized silicon, offering an optimal power profile for the target applications
    • Zero Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP) with a cache size of up to 4GB and integrated cache backup circuitry for optimal cost, thermal performance and operating efficiency
    • Board options without cache backup
    • maxCache 4.0 included on all adapters with up to ~2TB SSD cache
    • Roadmap to maxCrypto controller-based encryption

Microsemi HBAs

Condusiv Releases 3 New Software Products

Condusiv Technologies announced three new editions of its software products that it claims will “smash the I/O Performance Gap.” These new products include:

  • V-locity 7.0 for virtual servers solves the toughest application performance challenges on I/O intensive systems like MS-SQL.
  • Diskeeper 18 Server for physical servers solves application performance challenges. Diskeeper 18 Professional greatly enhances the performance of HDD-based corporate laptops and desktops by delivering “faster than new” performance.
  • SSDkeeper 2.0 greatly enhances the performance of SSD-based corporate laptops and desktops by delivering “faster than new” performance.

Condusiv Technologies

Morpheus Data Expands Features Of Its Unified Multi-cloud Orchestration Platform

Morpheus Data announced that it has made updates to its Unified Multi-Cloud Orchestration Platform. The new enhancements center around speeding application development and lowering overhead. Highlights include:

  • Multi-cloud expansion to Alibaba and AWS GovCloud
  • Network automation and SDN support for Cisco ACI
  • Global search of all connected clouds and infrastructure

Morpheus Data

Seagate’s New Technology Gives Impressive Results

At the 2018 OCP Summit, Seagate Technologies announced that two of its new technologies are showing some impressive results. Its MACH.2 multi actuator technology was able to hit 480MB/s of sustained throughput, an impressive feat for an HDD. The company’s HAMR technology also set a record in reliability demonstrating that a single head can transfer 3.2PB over a five-year period, twenty times the amount required for the industry’s nearline specification.


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