by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: Univa, Elastifile, WD, Dell, Cisco, X-IO, Commvault, Iron Mountain, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Univa releases open source universal resource broker for Kubernetes. WD, Dell, & Cisco fund Elastifile an additional $16 million. X-IO announces a mobile version of Axellio. Commvault joins Cisco Solution Plus Program. Iron Mountain releases Iron Cloud. Minio raises $20 million and launches Multi-Cloud Object Storage Solution. Netstor adds two new storage devices to its Thunderbolt 3 product line. now supports Azure. Druva now supports Hyper-V. And Twistlock releases version 2.2.

Univa Releases Open Source Universal Resource Broker For Kubernetes

Univa announced that it has released an open source Universal Resource Broker (URB) adapter for Kubernetes. The URB will allow the use of Mesos compatible frameworks (including Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Jenkins, Marathon, and Chronos) along-side native Kubernetes applications and manage these services on a single Kubernetes cluster. The URB is available now.

Univa URB at GitHub

WD, Dell, & Cisco Fund Elastifile An Additional $16 Million

Elastifile announced that it has raised another $16 million in its recent funding round bring its total funding to over $65 million. This round was led by Western Digital Capital along with new investor CE Ventures, and existing investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital and Cisco Investments.


X-IO Announces A Mobile Version Of Axellio

X-IO has announced a portable version of its Axellio, the Axellio Portable Edge Computing System. This system can enable advanced analytics in real time with its 88 CPU cores, 2TB of RAM, 460TB of ultra-high-performance, dual-ported NVMe all-flash storage, and 4x100GbE network connectivity. All that performance power is packed into a 2U form factor that is easily transportable and meets most commercial airline standards. The portable Axellio is available now.

X-IO Axellio

Commvault Joins Cisco Solution Plus Program

Commvault announced that it has joined Cisco’s Solution Plus Program. Joining the programs will enable Cisco customers and resellers greater access to Commvault products, such as its Data Platform Solutions. Commvault joins the program starting next month.


Iron Mountain Releases Iron Cloud

Iron Mountain announced its own enterprise-class cloud storage platform and services offering for comprehensive data protection, preservation, restoration and recovery, Iron Cloud. Benefits include:

  • Predictable cost: Enterprises pay only for the data that is being protected, for a pay-as-you-go service model.
  • Operational efficiency: Iron Cloud augments on premise storage administration with automated system management tasks and workflows to provide predictable, repeatable and reliable operations for data in the cloud.
  • Security and data protection: Intelligent data protection and secure data migration services ensures that the requirements for protection and compliance dictated by the data are met.
  • Data accessibility: Industry-leading service level agreements ensure data is intact, available and accessible based on business requirements.
  • Data shuttle services: Iron Mountain expands its cloud migration services with a data shuttle offering for fast and secure onboarding of customers' data to Iron Cloud.

Iron Mountain Iron Cloud

Minio Raises $20 Million & Launches Multi-Cloud Object Storage Solution

Minio announced today that through investors such as Dell Technologies Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Nexus Venture Partners, with participation by Intel Capital, AME Cloud and Steve Singh, it was able to raise $20 million in series A funding. The funding will go toward accelerating product development and company growth. On that same note, Minio announced its multi-cloud object storage offering, bringing, what it calls, Amazon S3 compatible object APIs to all cloud-native environments. Minio is generally available now.


Netstor Adds 2 New Storage Devices To Its Thunderbolt 3 Product Line

Netstor has added two more RAID storage devices to its Thunderbolt 3 line, the NS370TB3 and NA341TB3. The newest models bring the range of drive bays from a high of 24 all they way down to 4, being able to meet the needs of most SMB. The 1U and 2U devices are ideal for the application of transportable rack.

Netstor Thunderbolt Storage Now Supports Azure announced that its Evident Security Platform (ESP) now supports Mirosoft Azure. This expands ESP security to even more public clouds, ESP already supports AWS. Benefits include:

  • Continuous, Real-time Risk Identification: Event-driven detection of changes in your cloud infrastructure drastically reduces time to identification and resolution of vulnerabilities in environments.
  • Customizable Security: Control checks and automated policy-driven enforcement workflows can be tailored to map to an enterprise's distinct security policies.
  • Tools for DevOps, SecOps and Compliance Teams: Delivers easily consumable information critical to each team to support the organization's continuous innovation efforts while maintaining rigorous security and compliance.

Druva Now Supports Hyper-V

Druva announced that it was added Microsoft Hyper-V support to its a cloud backup and archival solution, Druva Phoenix. Through the Microsoft Hyper-V integration, Druva Phoenix allows customers to seamlessly perform:

  • Incremental High-Performance Backups via Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and Microsoft Resilient Change Tracking (RST) combined with Druva’s patented global deduplication ensures timely and efficient backups are achieved that minimize resource impact;
  • Granular VM Recovery, Hyper-V customers can restore full environments, or down to the file level to optimize Recovery Time Objectives (RTO);
  • Unified Policy Management, Phoenix’s single control plane, leveraging the public cloud, eliminates the need for a costly multi-vendor approach;
  • Cloud-based Disaster Recovery, organizations can configure and then immediately boot VMs in the cloud for failover and testing;
  • Cross environment workload mobility, enables organizations to move workloads cross hypervisor to support different business need

Druva Phoenix

Twistlock Releases Version 2.2

Twistlock has releases its latest version, 2.2, now with advanced threat analytics and prevention and includes several machine learning driven layers such as a Cloud Native Network Firewall and Incident Explorer. Incident Explorer uses machine intelligence to allow companies to react quickly when a containerized app is compromised. Cloud Native Network Firewall applies machine learning to model inter-container network behaviors at layer 3, understanding sources, destination, ports, and flows in a container centric way - between containers, pods, and services, rather than focusing on raw IPs.


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