by Lyle Smith

Nexenta Announces NexentaFusion 1.0 Community Edition and NexentaStor 5.0

Nexenta has announced the availability of the enterprise and community edition of NexentaFusion 1.0 and version 5.0 of NexentaStor, the company’s OpenSDS solution. Featuring an intuitive user-interface, efficient workflows, DevOps friendly self-documenting REST APIs and rich storage analytics, NexentaFusion 1.0 and NexentaStor 5.0 are designed to save on operational costs.

Touted as being able to simplify the deployment and operation of Software-Defined Storage infrastructure at any scale, NexentaFusion 1.0 uses a single pane of glass to manage multiple NexentaStor appliances. NexentaFusion also has intuitive provisioning and configuration workflows, and features advanced analytics dashboards for pro-active alerting and simple troubleshooting.

The new vCenter Web Client Plugin for NexentaStor 5.0 gives users a unified interface to manage any number of NexentaStor appliances by simplifying VMware administrator day-to-day operational tasks. It gives users the ability to incrementally scale storage by adding datastores from within the vCenter interface, identifying performance bottlenecks and reviewing capacity utilization trends. The vCenter Plugin also improves enterprise data protection strategies with its local snapshots and remote replication. In addition, Integration with vCenter’s role-based authentication mechanism gives users more segmentation and security options for multi-tenant solutions, branch offices and departmental storage solutions.

Nexenta indicates the following additional enhancements of NexentaStor 5.0:

  • Simpler management of HA for unified File (NFS and SMB) and Block (FC and iSCSI) services
  • Complete set of self-documenting REST API for DevOps
  • Improved performance for streaming large IO workloads with support for extra-large pool record sizes
  • Native support for SMB 3 for Hyper-V environments
  • Kernel based high performance replication (HPR) solution for scheduled replication with sub-minute RPOs
  • Ability to automatically pause and resume on-going replication streams for more resilient operations in challenging network environments
  • New support for continuous asynchronous replication for close to zero RPO long-distance replication of high performance applications
  • Advanced support for Docker via Docker volume driver
  • Full support for OpenStack with OpenStack Cinder drivers for iSCSI and NFS for a broad set of OpenStack releases

Pricing and Availability

Nexenta sells NexentaStor 5.0 as a perpetual software license that includes NexentaFusion 1.0. Moreover, the price per raw GB is tiered based on total capacity: the larger the capacity deployment, the lower the price per GB. A license for both NexentaStor 5.0 and NexentaFusion 1.0 starts at $0.25/GB, in addition to maintenance and support.



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