by Lyle Smith

Nexenta Collaborates with Veeam to Provide Availability Solutions for Virtualized Data Centers

Only a month after announcing their effort with ATTO Technology, Nexenta has announced another collaborative association, this time with Veeam Software. This partnership will allow them to work together to provide fast, flexible, reliable and cost-effective recovery and availability solutions for modern data center providers and enterprises. Customers will be able to leverage recovery time and point objectives of less than 15 minutes for applications and data through a single storage solution that manages all tiers of storage: production, backup, and archive. We recently took a detailed look at Veeam’s Backup and Replication V8 software.

Both companies indicate that their partnership will allow organizations to further improve their ecosystem resilience by continuing to deliver services if production storage systems are interrupted or backing up, even from tertiary storage systems. More specifically, businesses will be able to:

  • Gain enterprise-grade capabilities across all tiers of source and target storage with a single easy-to-use solution
  • Reduce capital investment by selecting the most cost-effective storage hardware for each tier and create higher utilization rates with market leading inline data reduction
  • Reduce operational costs by streamlining and unifying management of all storage resources

Businesses that need cost-effective backup and recovery on premises or in the cloud can use Veeam Backup & Replication for fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data. In addition, when combined with NexentaStor (currently in Community Preview version 5), businesses will get a comprehensive backup tool and storage environment, which offers efficient backup, recovery, and availability.

Nexenta will provide Veeam customers with a single solution with enterprise-grade capabilities for all tiers of target storage. This ranges from high-performance production-grade configurations to archival backup, enabling businesses to maintain their services using tertiary systems all the while backing up their primary systems. Additionally, since NexentaStor is an OpenSDS solution, businesses can choose the most cost-effective level of hardware for each tier.

Businesses are given two options when using NexentaStor as storage for their Veeam backup environment:

  • Back up VMware production workloads running on NexentaStor primary NFS storage using NFS to connect with a Veeam proxy and then to a NexentaStor backup.
  • Snapshot data from primary to secondary NexentaStor storage, back it up with a Veeam proxy, and store it in a backup repository.

NexentaStor 4.x is now officially verified by Veeam.



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