by Adam Armstrong

Nexenta Launches NexentaCloud

Today Nexenta launched its new product family of cloud native storage solutions, NexentaCloud. The new family is built to be an extension of Nexenta’s Open SDS solution, taking all of the benefits and bringing them to the cloud. The first product launched today is the NexentaCloud for AWS.

For customers of Nexenta OpenSDS that want to migrate to the cloud quickly and efficiently, this new suite of products is exactly what they are looking for. With the new NexentaCloud for AWS, customers will still be able to operate core business applications while integrating the on premises solutions to AWS. The new solution offers several enterprise-class features as well such as snapshots, cloning, thin provisioning and data compression.

Features include:

  • Replication: integrated management of replication and storage operations for all workloads
  • Advanced Analytics Insights: utilizes deep storage analytics across data centers and cloud environments
  • Pre-configured AWS instances: optimized for size and performance
  • Lower TCO: optimizes storage costs with rapid deployment and removal of storage solutions


NexentaCloud for AWS is available now at the AWS Marketplace.

NexentaCloud for AWS

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