by Josh Shaman

Nimbus Announces HALO 2013 Software

Nimbus Data announced the release of their new software HALO 2013, which is marketed toward IT managers working within the cloud who are interested in building all-flash memory architectures. HALO 2013 provides administrators with a simple ten minute startup that allows them to quickly access the analytical tools necessary to measure both the efficiency and performance of Nimbus flash arrays including the new Gemini flash arrays that house up to 48TB in a 2U form factor. Updates to HALO 2013 include an open API (application programming interface), mobile apps for streaming live stats and viewing charts remotely, and, shown below, advanced analytics to monitor over 200 metrics.

HALO 2013's new advanced flash memory analytics improves usability by enabling administrators to monitor and report in real-time as well historically. Looking back over metrics allows users to calculate trends and plan their strategies accordingly. The analysis monitors over 200 metrics including some highly significant stats such as flash endurance, capacity utilization, and deduplication rates. All of this information is accessible in a new GUI that gives users the ability to design their own dashboard to select what statistics are most important to them. Further adding to flexibility, statistics will be stored in RRD, an industry standard format, so that users can utilize Nimbus tools or third-party software.

Also included in HALO 2013 is a REST-based API which enables administrators to monitor their Nimbus flash array with the rest of their architecture. The API captures all statistics so that they can be used with software and tools users are already employing. From there, users can then design and build their own plug-ins or software to reduce overall costs.

The new app for Android and iOS devices provides mobile access to fully encrypted data regarding Nimbus all-flash arrays. No matter where administrators are, they can view live charts and monitor system events using the apps. This is pretty unique given that Nimbus is now the first to offer mobile management of flash arrays.


Existing Nimbus Data users with active support contracts can update to HALO 2013 for free online. The corresponding app, HALO Mobile, can be downloaded for free via Google Play or the iTunes Store.

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