by Lyle Smith

Nimbus E-Class Flash Memory System for Enterprise and Cloud Launched

Nimbus Data Systems, developer of Sustainable Storage, has unveiled its new E-Class Flash Memory System, the first fully-redundant multiprotocol solid-state SSD storage system. The E-Class outperforms and costs less to operate than typical disk arrays and provides the high-availability, scalability, and cost reduction that enterprises and cloud providers require.

Features of the new E-Class include:

  • First multiprotocol solid state system with no single point of failure and enterprise-grade flash
  • Most scalable solid state storage system ever engineered, supporting 500 TB as one logical pool
  • Highest density primary storage system ever, eclipsing 15K RPM disk arrays by over 3x
  • Lowest energy consumption of any primary storage system, consuming as little as 5 watts per TB
  • Comprehensive data management software and “unified” storage without any licensing fees

The E-Class elevates Nimbus’ multiprotocol solid-state storage platform to meet the requirements of the most harsh IT environments., the Nimbus E-Class has no-single-point-of-failure making it ideal for applications such as enterprise-wide server virtualization, Web infrastructure, database clusters, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and high-performance computing. The E-Class platform consists of a pair of redundant controllers with up to 24 solid state-storage enclosures. Additionally, each E-Class controller supports up to four active-active IO modules, which include 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Infiniband. The E-Class can be patched with online software updates in addition to online capacity expansion. Components can be easily replaced without downtime using its RAID protection and hot-swappable flash, power, and cooling modules.

The Nimbus E-Class is the industry’s highest capacity flash storage-system, scaling from 10 TB to an unprecedented 500 TB with one point of management and one unified storage pool. The E-Class is built with Nimbus’ third-generation enterprise flash modules, which holds twice as much enterprise-grade flash memory as before with its file system effortlessly aggregating the capacity across all E-Class solid state enclosures. Customers can provision capacity from one interface using Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, or SRP (SCSI RDMA Protocol), providing unified block (SAN) and file (NAS) storage in one easy-to-use system. All storage is thin-provisioned, maximizing utilization, and simplifying storage capacity planning.

The E-Class requires as little as 5 watts of power per terabyte delivering lowest power consumption of any primary storage system. Conventional disk arrays consume 25 watts or more of power per terabyte than the E-Class consumes (80%). This reduces energy costs, cuts power and cooling capital expenditures, and improves overall datacenter reliability and efficiency.

Nimbus’ latest solid-state storage enclosures are equipped with 20TB of enterprise-grade flash memory in 2U of rackspace, which enables up to 440 TB of solid state storage in a single industry-standard rack. As a result, this delivers the same capacity that would otherwise take more than three racks of 15K RPM disks. These gains in rack density help maximize datacenter utilization while significantly reducing OpEx.

The Nimbus E-Class is now available with a 10 TB dual-controller configuration starting at $149,995. The full HALO storage operating system is included in the system price.

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