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Nimbus Gemini X-Series SAN/NAS All Flash Solution Announced

Nimbus Data Systems today announced the Gemini X-series, a scale-out all-flash solution with unified storage and data management via the HALO operating system. The X-series consists of the X1000 Flash Director and up to ten X96 and X48 Flash Nodes that expand capacity in 96TB or 48TB increments for up to 960TB total capacity. A 960TB array requires just 5,500 Watts of power and occupies 24U of rack space.

The X1000 incorporates a non-blocking 320 Gbps RDMA switch with ten ports for links to Flash Nodes along with a choice of 10 x 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10 x 40 GbE, or 10 x 56Gb/s InfiniBand connectivity. Its HALO cluster management software can virtualize the cluster's storage into a single namespace, and load-balances I/O. According to manufacturer benchmarks, the X1000 Flash Director can reach 40GBps of sustained throughput and 4,000,000 IOPS with 4KB transfers at less than 100 microseconds of latency across the cluster.

Users can scale X-Series capacity and performance with 2U Flash Nodes that feature 4TB Nimbus flash drives along with redundant hot-swappable processors and power/cooling modules. Each Flash Node is specified for 32 Gb/s bandwidth and 400,000 IOPS. Flash Nodes offload operations such as parity protection, inline deduplication, flash management, and encryption. The HALO operating system supports block and file protocols including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and SMB as well as RDMA-based iSER and SRP.


Customers will receive early access to the Gemini X-series in April 2014, with general availability in summer 2014. Configurations are expected to be available starting at under $400,000, though official pricing will be announced at GA. 

Nimbus Gemini X Product Page

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