by Charles Jefferies

Nimbus Intros Enterprise Flash Storage Systems

Nimbus Data Systems new S-class flash storage systems for enterprises feature up to 504 redundant NAND flash blades and the company's HALO storage operating system. Nimbus claims the S-class systems can offer 95% lower energy costs, 24x greater I/O performance, and on-demand scalability up to 100TB.

Performance and Power Consumption

The S-class can deliver up to 6,000 IOps per watt and 675,000 IOps per floor tile. One S-class shelf, which takes up 2U of rack space consumes just 80W of power. The system can offer up to 25TB of space per U of rack space. 

Each of the hot-swappable NAND flash blade is connected to a 6G SAS internal architecture. It has eight processor cores and TCP/IP offload technology. The company claims the S-class can deliver up to 1.35M uncached IOps and 41Gbps of throughput performance.

Nimbus' HALO operating system has a 64-bit architecture, dynamic storage pooling, and unified block and file support with iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS protocols. Other supported features include thin provisioning, inline deduplication, snapshot technology, and local/remote replication.

The Nimbus S-class systems are available now from distribution partners. A 2.5TB model with the HALO operating system license is $24,995; a 5TB model is $39,995. S-class systems scale modularly up to 21 enclosures for 100TB total storage space. The standard warranty is one year; it is upgradeable to three or five years.

Nimbus S-Class Product Page

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