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Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services Announced

Today Lenovo announced what it is calling the first true ‘pay-as-you-use data center’ as-a-Service offering, TruScale Infrastructure Services. As one might have guessed, this service allows users to use and pay for data center hardware and servers, at their locations is an aaS manner. This gives new levels of flexibility to customers as they grow. 

Home Lab Deep Dive: A Networking Student's Cisco-Centric Home Lab

My lab started about a year ago largely with Cisco networking gear. I'm a networking student; so among other things I'm taking classes for the CCNA. The way we have it broken up is into 4 parts. Cisco 1 and 2 cover the CCENT, and 3 and 4 cover the rest of what you need for the CCNA. I'm in Cisco 4 right now, so I'm just finishing up. In our labs, we have a rack full of gear for 2 people. It's really hard to properly learn networking in Packet Tracer. It's possible, but there's things it can't do, and you also don't learn what cables to use and such with it, since you can just have it select the best cable for you. I like to work with physical gear, and when we had labs that we didn't have class time for, I didn't like being stuck there later at night, since I'm 45 minutes from home. 

Actifio Launches Copy Data Management SaaS Platform

Today Actifio unveiled Actifio Go, a multi-cloud Copy Data Management (CDM) Software as a Service (Saas) platform. Actifio Go is designed to make it faster and less expensive to backup, restore, and meet regulatory/compliance requirements for applications both on-premise and distributed across multi-cloud environments. Actifio has been a leading provider of CDM and cloud services for a number of years. Most recently we covered their Actifio Sky platform.

News Bits: Unisys, Actifio, IBM, Quantum, vArmour, Quest Software, Cisco, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Unisys launches CloudForte for Microsoft Azure. Actifio announces OEM agreement with IBM. Quantum unveils latest Xcellis appliance. vArmour raises $44 million in Series E funding. Quest Software joins Veeam Partner Program. Cisco completes acquisition of Luxtera. NetApp powers Ducati’s Data-Driven Team. Veritas achieves AWS Storage Competency status. Carbonite to acquire Webroot.

Samsung 883 DCT SATA SSD Review

As Samsung updates its Data Center line of drives it is easy to get enamored by the fastest or largest drives that come along, namely NVMe drives. There is, however, still a large market for SATA interface drives. For this segment Samsung has released its new Samsung 883 DCT SATA SSD. The new drive is aimed at meeting the demands of server storage systems while giving the assurance of end-to-end data protection.

QNAP TS-932X NAS Review

The QNAP TS-932X is a 9-bay NAS that can be outfitted with five 3.5-inch hard drives and four 2.5-inch SSDs and is the company's first ARM-based NAS that supports Qtier technology. This compact, hybrid NAS is highlighted by dual 10GbE SFP+ ports and is ideal for small and medium organizations and home offices. 

Dell EMC Updates Unity OS To 4.5

Today Dell EMC announced updates to its popular Unity OS Operating Environment, updating to 4.5. The updates feature new data reduction, protection, and management functions. The company is also announcing UnityVSA Cloud Edition now runs on AWS Cloud and that Unity has been validated with VMware Cloud Foundation.

Samsung 512GB microSDXC EVO Plus Announced

Samsung has announced the new 512GB microSDXC EVO Plus, doubling the size of its previous highest capacity. It is designed as a premium storage solution for high-performing smart phones and other current mobile devices with microSD card slots. Just last week, Samsung indicated it has begun mass producing their 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 2.1, which will be used in next-gen mobile applications.

In the Lab: Eaton 9PX Battery Replacement

There is nothing more certain in a datacenter than End of Life product management, where old equipment needs to be cycled out and replaced with newer hardware. This is especially true with battery backup systems, where the core component is generally a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, which has a usable life between 3-5 years. While you can't rip out the guts of a server and make it "new" again, you can do just that with an enterprise battery backup system. In this In the Lab article, we replace the battery pack in an Eaton 9PX UPS that has been serving our lab for the past six years.

Supermicro Announces 4 Socket, Optane Server

Today Super Micro Computer Inc. announced that its four-socket servers now support both Intel Xeon Scalable processers and Intel Optane DC persistent memory. The combination of the two Intel technologies in a Supermicro server, can deliver a huge performance boost while still keeping costs in check.