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Amazon Trials Compute Focused Snowball Variations

Amazon recently announced limited availability of two new versions of their Snowball Edge devices in select regions. In addition to AWS's existing storage optimized edge Snowball appliances they are adding the Snowball Edge Compute Optimized and Snowball Edge Compute Optimized with GPU.

Memblaze PBlaze5 910 U.2 NVMe SSD Review

During their Step Ahead event in Beijing, Memblaze launched a new series of 500 NVME drives as well as an expansion of its 900 line to 910 and 916. We will be looking at the 910 series in this review. The new 910 drives are offered in two form factors and leverage 64-Layer 3D NAND, which allows the drives to come in capacities as high as 16TB. This higher density can lead to denser racks or rack consolidation in the data center.

AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 Review

The AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 is a GPU solution designed for professionals who work with high-end graphics applications such as design, manufacturing, media and entertainment. It is also ideal for those who do their gaming on a notebook. Last year, we looked at a range of professional graphics cards, including high-end (NVIDIA Quadro P6000), mid-range (NVIDIA Quadro P1000) to low end (Radeon Pro WX 3100) options. The WX 8200 fits nicely in the upper part of this range with its 8GB of HBM2 memory and high bandwidth controller. AMD also boldly describes their new performance-driven card as the most powerful workstation GPU under $1000, that means it claims to have a better price to performance than NVIDIA's Quadro P4000.

OpenStack Summit Berlin On The Ground

Last week OpenStack held its second summit of the year in Berlin, Germany. StorageReview was on the ground in Berlin as the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) continued to make and strengthen its case for open source. OSF expressed the need for what it call Open Infrastructure, allowing users to fully take advantage of the benefits of open source. They also went over their continued momentum and updated the community on where their pilot projects were in terms of progress, roadmaps, and use cases. 

Intel Releases Second Generation AI USB Stick

Intel hosted its first artificial intelligence (AI) developer conference in Beijing on Nov. 14 and 15. The company kicked off the event with the introduction of the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (Intel NCS2); designed to build smarter AI algorithms and for prototyping computer vision at the network edge. The NCS2 has the form factor of a standard USB thumb drive and is every bit as plug and play as the form factor suggests. It is even expected to scale performance linearly with additional NCS2s.

Veritas Technologies Launches Predictive Insights

Today Veritas Technologies, announced the launch of Veritas Predictive Insights, a new solution that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to reduce unplanned downtime and reduce total costs of ownership.

Supercomputing 2018 News Bits

Our News Bits is a roundup that typically covers news pieces that are just small in content, not in impact. This gives content room to breath even if it comes in less than what we normally cover. This year at Supercomputing 2018 (SC18) in Dallas, Texas, there were several announcements that either small or would potentially get wiped out by some of the larger announcements so we have collected them here. Announcements come from companies such as DDN, Excelero, Atos, Penguin Computing, Panasas, Supermicro, and Lenovo, which was named the number one supercomputer systems manufacturer this year. 

QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T NAS Review

The QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T is a NAS designed for Workgroup and SMB use cases. Powered by a Intel Celeron 2.9GHz Dual-Core Processor, the 4-bay XN5004T is one of the two models from XN5000T NAS series. It comes equipped with up to 32GB SO-DIMM (8GB standard), an HDMI port, four 1GbE LAN (RJ45) ports, five USB 3.0 ports and a has a maximum capacity of a generous 58TB. It also features an on-board SATA SSD slot to increase overall system performance.

NVIDIA Introduces Quadro RTX 4000

NVIDIA has unveiled today at the annual Autodesk Conference in Las Vegas, its first midrange professional GPU, the Quadro RTX 4000. Powered by the NVIDIA Turing architecture and the NVIDIA RTX platform, the Quadro RTX 4000 delivers real-time ray tracing to larger group of professionals.

SonicWall Updates for Enterprises

Today SonicWall announced updates targeted at their enterprise customers. The new updates include Zero-Touch Deployment and Secure SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) designed for distributed enterprises and organizations with hybrid cloud environments. The company also announced enhancements to the Capture Security Center as well as Hyper-V, Azure and AWS support for its virtual firewall series.