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In the Lab: 3-Node VMware vSAN Cluster Setup and Configuration Video

As we continue to expand our scope of coverage, spending more time with VMware and the associated products is an important area of emphasis for the StorageReview lab. To support this initiative, we’ve set up a dedicated 3-node cluster that’s ideally suited for this task. We’ve grouped three Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 servers that were previously decommissioned into an isolated sandbox.

VAST Data Releases Its CSI

Today VAST Data announced the general availability of its new Container Storage Interface (CSI). The company claims that the new CSI will enable users to programmatically deploy and manage storage services for a variety of container platforms that have adopted the CSI standard. VAST Data goes on to claim that the new CSI can bring affordable all-flash infrastructure to containerized applications while eliminating performance issues caused by simplicity, scale, affordability, and speed. 

Catalogic Announced Open Source Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

Today Catalogic Software, announced its open source utility, KubeDR. KubeDR is said to provide backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster configuration, certificates and metadata. On top of KubeDR, Catalogic also launched its cLabs to support new products, open source initiatives and innovations.

Supermicro SuperStorage 6019P-ACR12L+ Unboxing and Hardware Overview

The Supermicro SuperStorage 6019P-ACR12L+ has just found its way into our lab. This 1U server is designed for high density object storage as well as scale-out storage, Ceph/Hadoop, and Big Data Analytics. The server leverages the company’s X11-DDW-NT motherboard family that allows dual socket 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake), up to 3TB of ECC DDR4-2933MHz RAM, and supports Intel Optane DCPMM.

Red Hat Announces OpenShift Container Platform 4.3

Today, Red Hat announced plans to release OpenShift Container Platform 4.3. OpenShift Container Platform, sometimes shortened to just OpenShift, is Red Hat's Kubernetes based open-source software container application. When Red Hat says open-source, they mean open source. You can find the current full release notes here alongside the source code in their GitHub repository. Red Hat was founded in 1993 as an open-source software provider and advocate. Today it provides a wide range of home and enterprise software products and services, including a Linux operating system and 24/7 support subscriptions. 

In the Lab Video: How to Safely Ship Hard Drives with Foam

Sneakernet isn't talked about as much these days, but it is still the fastest way to move data between two points. This is the term for physically moving a device or appliance from point A to point B. Shipping a hard drive might be needed for multiple reasons, either seeding backup data or sending a freshly shucked hard drive to someone. Getting it to its destination in one piece though is where some skill comes in, or money depending on how you want to approach it. In this quick How To video we cover how to ship a hard drive safely, on a budget, using common household spray foam from a home improvement store.

Quantum Introduces F1000 Line

Today Quantum Corp. announced it is expanding its award-winning Quantum F-Series with the new F1000. Like the rest of the rest of the series, the new F1000 is an NVMe storage appliance that leverages software defined architecture. The F1000 series is all about faster performance at lower entry prices. The ideal use cases are capturing, editing, and finishing high-definition content, and speeds VFX and CGI render performance by 10x-100x, to develop cutting edge augmented and virtual reality.

NETGEAR Announces New PoE+ and PoE++ Ethernet Switches

Another announcement that slipped by from NETGEAR surrounds unmanaged and smart managed Gigabit Ethernet switches. NETGEAR has made several additions to its Unmanaged and Smart Managed Pro switch series with new Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ and Ultra60 PoE++ models. Amongst the models announced is the industry’s first Cloud managed Ultra60 PoE++ switch.

NETGEAR Makes Announcements Around Nighthawk & Orbi

At CES this year, NETGEAR made several announcements that made it under our radar. These announcements center around expanding the company’s Nighthawk systems with new models including a mesh WiFi 6 router. NETGEAR also announced a 4G LTE Orbi Tri-bad mesh WiFi Router.

Kingston DC1000B M.2 NVMe SSD Now Available

Kingston Digital has announced the availability of the DC1000B M.2 NVMe 3D TLC NAND SSD, a drive designed for servers with one or two boot-dedicated M.2 NVMe slots as well as for caching and logging use cases. The new DC1000B includes onboard power-loss protection while featuring 0.5D DWPD endurance to help promote an extended service life. Kingston says their new drive will deliver enterprise-level performance consistency and low-latency features.