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Western Digital Drives Greater Support For CDI

Today at FMS 2019, Western Digital announced new innovations and initiatives to drive support and adoption of open, composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI). To this end, the company announced its new Open Composable Compliance Lab, a multi-vendor ecosystem of compute, storage and networking to help test and validate end-to-end interoperability among solutions, ensuring enterprise customers have a choice when designing next-generation, disaggregated IT infrastructure.  Western Digital will be showcasing its OpenFlex NVMe-oF architecture, an open API and open composable flash platform that the company claims is the fastest available in the F3100. 

Western Digital Announces Two New Ultrastar Storage Server Platforms

Today at FMS 2019, Western Digital announced two new server platforms, the Ultrastar Serv24-4N four-node NVMe all-flash, and the Ultrastar Serv24+6 hybrid storage server platforms. The company builds off of its proven track record to provide customer with these new building blocks for high-performance, data-intensive software-defined storage (SDS), hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and edge environments.

Burlywood TrueFlash Insight Announced

Today Burlywood announced its TrueFlash Insight solution. This solution analyzes traffic down to the drive controller level to see exactly how the flash storage is being used. Once is sees just how the flash is being used it can deliver an application-optimized environment that provides better performance, more efficient use of flash and longer drive life.

AWS To Acquire E8 Storage

According to Globes, an Israeli Business News site, Amazon intends to buy E8 Storage. The acquisition is stated to be for as much as $60 million sources suggest, though the actual number is not known and can be higher or lower. Once Amazon acquires E8, it will have the latter’s employees join AWS development center in Tel Aviv.

EXTEN Announced HyperDynamic 3.0

Today EXTEN Technologies announced the third generation of its HyperDynamic NVMe over Fabrics storage software is now available. The latest version is said to bring advanced levels of resiliency, performance and management to demanding data center customers. Ideal use cases for EXTEN software are any that require extreme performance such as analytics, machine learning, and high performance computing (HPC).

Memblaze To Debut PBlaze5 X26 At FMS

Today Memblaze announced it will be showcasing its new NVMe SSD at Flash Memory Summit next week, the Memblaze PBlaze5 X26. This new SSD is based on Toshiba’s XL-FLASH technology and its Enhanced Namespace Management technology. The Drive is stated to have ultra-low latency, high QoS advantages, while providing fast and stable performance. Memblaze will be showcasing the technology in their booth (#614) August 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California during FMS.

Cohesity Expands Security Capabilities

Today Cohesity expanded its security capabilities by releasing a new app through their marketplace, Cohesity CyberScan. Cohesity was founded in 2013 and is partially funded by Google Ventures. It is a well-established provider of both software and converged appliance data management solutions. Their current flagship product is SpanFS, a file system platform capable of spanning across on-premise, cloud, and edge storage.

InnoGrit Comes Out Of Stealth With New SSD Controllers

Today the start-up company, InnoGrit, came out of stealth with its new portfolio of SSD controller solutions. The company states that its high-performance, low power, turn-key SSD controllers will enable organizations to tackle next-gen applications while keeping costs in check. InnoGrit focuses on challenges in AI and big data applications and believes their solutions will address the needs of the data center, enterprise and client markets.

How To Install oVirt Hypervisor

In this edition of Before the Home Lab we'll look at installing oVirt. oVirst is a free, open-source virtualization management platform. Full Disclosure: The knowledge I have seen indicates that this what people would migrate to if they wanted to move off of ESXi. This may mean I have rose tinted glasses. First thing we should do is download oVirt.

Formulus Black Releases Forsa 3.0

Today Formulus Black announced the latest version of its enterprise Forsa software, Forsa 3.0. The software is said to enable any application to run in memory without modification. The latest version improve scalability enabling larger databases, I/O hungry HPC jobs, artificial intelligence and machine learning model training to run in memory on commodity hardware through support for larger systems with more CPUs and memory. The new version now supports Intel Optane DC persistent memory.