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Seagate Updates Hard Drive Forecast

In a filing with the SEC yesterday, Seagate provided an update on their view of the hard drive shortage. Seagate confirmed their 180 million unconstrained demand number for hard drives in the fourth quarter of this year, and estimates the market will be able to deliver 110-120 million units of that demand. Of that Seagate expects to ship 41 - 45 million units, which is the lower middle of their 40-50 million broad estimate provided on their last quarterly call.

Micron mSATA C400 SSD Coming Soon

Micron has pseudo-announced the mSATA C400 SSD designed for Ultrabooks and dual boot systems that have both a hard drive and an mSATA SSD used for caching. The discussion came at the Needham HDD and Memory Conference today as Micron spoke about their current line of products, along with future offerings including the mSATA C400 and 20nm SSDs and a third generation enterprise PCIe SSD. 

OCZ Provides Vision for Next Generation SSDs and Processors

At the Needham 5th Annual HDD & Memory Conference today, OCZ revealed a good deal of vision about what both consumer and enterprise customers can expect out of the company in the coming quarters. OCZ highlighted a number of new initiatives; like the first SSD to use TLC NAND hitting the market early next year, their new Indilinx processors with support for up to 100,000 IOPS, the Intrepid 3 SSD and the NVM Express specification, part of OCZ's next generation PCIe SSD. 

DataCore Intros STAR HA Product for Microsoft Servers

DataCore's STAR HA software is designed to help businesses eliminate management difficulties caused by using Storage Area Networks (SANs).

Seagate Kills Off Green Hard Drives, Plans to Launch Barracuda Hybrid Hard Drive

As part of today's announcement of 1TB hard drive platters shipping in the 3TB Barracuda, Seagate also released news that they'll cease production of their line of Green hard drives. Seagate also will be migrating the Barracuda XT line to a new Barracuda Hybrid line of hard drives, implementing the caching technology seen in their wildly popular notebook hybrid hard drive, the Momentus XT

Synology Announces Three More 2-Bay DiskStations

Barely two weeks after releasing their high-performance two-bay DS712+ NAS, Synology has announced a set of new units designed to hit a broad spectrum of price points - the DiskStations DS212+, DS212, and DS212j. They start at $200, making an affordable entry point for home and small business use. 

Quantum Announces Data Protection for Small Business

Quantum has announced two new products including the NDX-8 NAS appliance and the RDX 8000 removable disk library, both with 8TB of storage.

A-DATA Announces New USB 3.0 Storage Products

A-DATA Technology has announced new external USB 3.0 hard drives as well as three new USB 3.0 flash drives with up to 64GB of capacity.

OWC Announces External Enclosures for MacBook Air SSD

OWC has announced a way for those that have upgraded their MacBook Air's SSD to use the original drive as an external storage solution. Two new enclosures are available for the SSD from any 2010/2011 Apple MacBook Air.

Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Upgrade Guide

At StorageReview we realize many users may not be comfortable opening up their own computer to install a new SSD or more RAM. In this upgrade guide we cover how to upgrade a conventional Lenovo ThinkPad W520 notebook computer. We take you step-by-step, from unscrewing the access panels to installing the new components.