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Samsung Shoots 12.5mm MT2 With Shrink-Ray, Makes Thinner 9.5mm 1TB SpinPoint M8

Samsung announced their new 9.5mm tall 1TB SpinPoint M8, using their two of their new 500GB platters. This drive will mark the first 1TB notebook drive in the more common 9.5mm drive height versus the larger 12.5mm size commonly used for the largest capacity 2.5-inch hard drives. Up until this release, the largest 2.5-inch drive from Samsung was the 1TB SpinPoint MT2.


Corsair Issues Force Series 3 SSD Recall

The Corsair Force Series 3 SSDs were announced just a few weeks ago - boasting SandForce SF-2281 controllers and a very aggressive price point. Just days after the first units started shipping, Corsair has issued a recall of the 120GB Force Series 3 SSDs. According to Corsair, the 120GB model is seeing, "a significant percentage of these drive do not operate to specification." What the failure is exactly isn't clear, Corsair is quick to deflect blame from their partners, simply stating that both hardware and firmware need to be fixed.

Mushkin Chronos SSD Family Joins the SandForce SF-2200 Party

Mushkin announced their latest SandForce SF-2281-powered SSD called the Chronos and Chronos Deluxe. Aimed at both the enthusiast and value-oriented enthusiast markets, Mushkin differentiates each model with the type of NAND flash included. The higher performance Chronos Deluxe model will use faster synchronous NAND, while the budget-friendly Chronos will use asynchronous NAND. At its peak, the Chronos Deluxe boasts speeds upwards of 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write.


Micron Makes The RealSSD P320h PCIe SSD Official

Today Micron finally made their PCIe-based SSD official, releasing a 350GB and 700GB version targeted at enterprise markets. The Micron SLC-based P320h will be capable of 750,000 random 4K IOPS read and 341,000 IOPS write, with up to 3GB/s sequential transfer speeds.

Icy Dock Announces USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station

Icy Dock has announced its new MB981U3-1SA hard drive docking station supporting 2.5- and 3.5-inch hard drives. When used with 2.5-inch drives, it can be powered by USB 3.0.

Kingston HyperX SSD With User-Adjustable Over-Provisioning Announced

At CES in January, we broke the news that Kingston and SandForce had paired up on an SSD to be released mid-year. Well, it's mid-year and Kingston has formally announced the HyperX SSD at Computex. The Kingston HyperX SSD features a SATA 6Gb/s interface and SandForce SF-2200 processor, with special firmware giving users the ability to adjust their drive's over-provisioning levels to optimize either speed or capacity. Currently no SandForce drive on the market, that we have seen, offers this capability once it leaves the factory.

Kingston Unveils Wi-Drive Storage Expansion for iPhone, iPad

Kingston has announced its new Wi-Drive portable storage solution for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The Wi-Drive is pocket-sized and uses flash memory to deliver 16GB and 32GB capacities. 


Netgear Updates ReadyNAS Line with Apple/Android Support, Better Performance

Netgear has updated its line of ReadyNAS Ultra home performance storage systems with new firmware that increases performance up to 50 percent. To top it off, the company has also lowered the price of the units.

OCZ Vertex 3 Gets New Form Factors

OCZ is using Computex to profile their entire family of SSDs and related products - especially the popular Vertex 3 line. The consumer Vertex 3 has been updated to include 1.8" and 3.5" form factors. Like the mainsteam 2.5" version, both feature SATA 6Gb/s and a SandForce SF-2281 processor. 

OCZ Launches Three New RevoDrive Models: RevoDrive 3, RevoDrive 3 X2, and RevoDrive Hybrid

At Computex OCZ launched three new PCIe-based SSDs extending their already popular RevoDrive lineup. The new models include the dual-processor RevoDrive 3, the quad-processor RevoDrive 3 X2, and the new SSD/HDD RevoDrive Hybrid. All models sport the latest SandForce SF-2200 processors, with speeds upwards of 200,000 random 4K write IOPS offered on the RevoDrive 3 X2.