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Sonnet Fusion F2QR Ruggedized RAID Released

Sonnet Technologies has extended its line of portable ruggedized RAID storage systems intended for the video and film industries. The Fusion F2QR builds off the older Fusion F2 unit by adding more storage space, new connectivity options and new functionality. The new model features a pair of non-removable 2.5" 1TB drives mounted side-by-side in a 5.9"x 6.1" x 0.95" enclosure. It weighs in at 1.5 lbs. An integral RAID controller supports RAID 0 and 1 as well as drive spanning and JBOD. Connectivity options include two FireWire 800 ports, a USB 2.0 port and an eSATA port. The company claims speeds of up to 160 MB/s when using eSATA.

LaCie LaPlug Mini NAS Released

Everyone likes a lot of storage, but with the number of network-attached devices proliferating at an ever-increasing rate it can be hard to decide what device ought to get that nice shiny new disk. LaCie's latest piece of hardware helps you avoid that dilemma. The Lacie LaPlug is a small (4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5") box equipped with four USB 2.0 jacks that will allow you to share hard drives, flash drives or even PostScript printers on your local network (multifunction printers aren't supported). 

Kingston Announces Secured USB Flash Drive

Kingston has announced its latest business-oriented security product, the DataTraveler 6000 (DT6000). Designed for scenarios where high security is required such as government agencies, the DT6000 is fully encrypted and FIPS certified (140-2 Level 3 Validation).

QNAP Turbo NAS TS-x19 II Series Released

QNAP Systems has announced the latest models of its Turbo NAS line aimed at the corporate workgroup, SOHO and home user markets. The three models each use 2.0 GHz processors, come with 512MB of DDR3 memory and use the 3.5 version of the QNAP firmware. The tower form-factor units differ in the number of supported drives and network interfaces. The TS-419P II supports four drives and is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports. The TS-219P II supports two drives, while the TS-119P II holds one. Both have a single Gigabit LAN port.

30GB OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 3G Released

SSD prices continue to fall as Other World Computing releases a 30GB SSD for $67.99. The OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 3G is a SATA built around a SandForce SF-2100 controller and promises sustained data rates of 263MB/s read and 258MB/s write. Aimed at budget shoppers who might not need the latest SATA 6Gb/s performance, the new 3G is offered in capacities ranging from 30 to 480GB.

Toshiba Canvio External Hard Drives Released with Cloud Backup

Backing up data to an external drive is a good idea, but backing it up to an external drive and the cloud is even better. That's the spirit behind Toshiba's latest release of the the Canvio line of hard drives. Ranging in size from 500GB to 1TB and with a selection of colors, the drives now support USB 3.0 and come preloaded with the Windows-based NTI BackupNow EZ software.

Buffalo Unveils USB 3.0 Portable External Storage

Buffalo Technology has introduced two new products: the MiniStation Extreme 2.5" portable external hard drive and the DriveStation Axis Velocity 3.5" external hard drive. Both come with a two-year warranty and will be available October 2011.

NewerTech MAXPower RAID Cards Released

Newer Technologies has released a pair of RAID controller cards aimed at Mac Pro owners frustrated that their beloved computers can't fully utilize the increasing numbers of 6Gb/s SATA and SAS drives. The controller cards ship in two configurations: The MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-2e card has two external mini-SAS ports, while the MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i has one internal and one external port.

QNAP Releases TS-EC1279U-RP and TS-1279U-RP 12-Bay NAS Models

QNAP Systems has added two 12-drive models to its Turbo NAS line of SMB and datacenter storage units. Each has a maximum capacity of 36TB and can utilize both 2.5" SSDs or 3.5" hard drives using 6GB/s SATA.  They feature multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that are upgradable to 10Gb Ethernet. Both support RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 5 + hot spare, 10 + hot spare, JBOD, and a universal hot spare mode that allows a hot spare to be used to rebuild any defined RAID volume on the unit.

Intel SSD 710 Series to Deliver 35 Million IOPS

Intel just launched the enterprise-ready SSD 710 Series and already they're about to post some impressive results. The 710 SSDs will be featured in the Appro Xtreme-X Supercomputer, named Gordon by the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, which will be able to turn 35 million IOPS. How many Intel 710 SSDs does it take to get to 35 million IOPS you might ask? According to Gordon's team the answer is "massive amounts," but in more practical terms that means 300TB. Perhaps Flash Gordon would be a more appropriate name.