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LaCie Announces Rugged Mini Hard Drives

LaCie has announced the latest addition to its portable hard drive lineup, the Rugged Mini. Rain-resistant and 40 percent smaller than the standard Rugged drive, it features a scratch-resistant aluminum case and a USB 3.0 connection.

Western Digital Releases 9.5mm 1TB Notebook Hard Drive

Western Digital has announced it's shipping a thinner Scorpio Blue 1TB mobile hard drive. Designed to fit most laptops, the 2.5-inch SATA unit squeezes two 500GB platters into the standard 9.5mm notebook form factor. As part of the Blue line, this drive will feature a 5400RPM spindle speed; offering cool and quiet operation as well as lower power consumption.

Synology DiskStation Manager 3.2 Beta Released

For all of the Synology NAS users out there hungry for the next firmware update, Synology has just posted the beta version of DSM 3.2. Some of the highlights include support for Mac OS X Lion, updated Time Machine support, improved Safari support, CIFS Remote Mounting, ISO Mounting, Google Cloud Print support, improved photo sharing and an updated iPhone application.

LSI Intros Flash-Based Cache Protection for RAID Controllers

LSI has introduced an innovative new technology, the MegaRAID CacheVault. The technology provides flash memory-based cache protection for the company's MegaRAID 6Gb/s SATA+SAS RAID controller cards. The technology works by using solid-state NAND flash memory to store data being held in the RAID controller card's cache when power outages occur. What this means for IT departments is that battery backup units are no longer necessary.

Patriot Pyro SSDs Announced

Patriot has announced a new lineup of SandForce SF-2200-equipped SSDs under the Pyro name. The Patriot Pyro available in 60, 120, and 240GB capacities, offers speeds listed upwards of 550MB/s read and 515MB/s write. While its hard to say at this point with limited information, we estimate these drives are the mainstream 25nm NAND alternative to the high-performance Patriot Wildfire offered with 32nm toggle NAND.

Victorinox Slim and Slim Duo Now Shipping

Victorinox Swiss Army announced new USB drives and USB/pocket knife combos at CES in January including the Victorinox Slim, Victorinox Slim Duo and Victorinox Secure SSD. The flight-friendly Slim and Slim Duo (no blades) are now available in a variety of capacity and color combinations.

Seagate Pulsar XT.2 SSD Shipping

Seagate has begun shipping their latest enterprise-ready SSD, the Pulsar XT.2. The Pulsar XT.2 was announced in March and features SLC NAND and a 6Gb/s SAS interface - making it the fastest drive offered by Seagate. 

Intel Acknowledges Problems With Intel SSD 320s

Intel has recently acknowledged issues with the new SSD 320 series, where by repetitively power cycling the drives, some may become unresponive or report an 8MB drive capacity. Through a statement to ZDNet, Intel confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are currently investigating the problem. This bug was also reported on the Intel support forums, where some members had been experiencing this problem.

Citrix Acquires Startup

Citrix Systems has acquired, a private startup company. has developed its CloudStack product line, enabling rapid deployment of cloud-based services. Providers of any number of services, including enterprise infrastructure, can use the products to build cost-effective services. 

Synology Targets Photographers With New DS2411+ NAS

If you are a photographer who shoots digital, two things matter to you, the quality of your camera and lenses and the ability to safely store your digital images once the shoot is finished. Even if you can take the most breathtaking images, if you don't store them correctly, they risk being lost forever if the storage medium they are on crashes. Storage space is also another problem to work around as camera resolutions keep increasing, although with the new DiskStation DS2411+ with up to 72TB of space, Synology has you covered.