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IcyDock has been kind enough to sponsor a competition on StorageReview where we look for members with the slowest and fastest hard drives. The first stage is a search for users with the slowest drives still functioning - producing a super slow hard drive benchmark result. The second stage of this content is looking for users with the fastest hard drives, or hard drive arrays (yup, RAID included).

Western Digital Partners with Microsoft for SMB NAS System

Western Digital has announced it will be offering a small-office storage server product based on Microsoft's Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials software. WD plans to combine their storage hardware and industry knowledge with Microsoft's operating system to deliver a compelling product for the small business market.

Addonics Releases 1:11 HDD Duplicator

Addonics announced a new drive duplicating system which can clone up to eleven drives at the same time. Supporting both 2.5 and 3.5-inch drives, the 1:11 Duplicator will copy from a single master drive without the need for any computer or additional hardware. With support for both SATA and older legacy IDE drives on the Pro model, Addonics has something for every IT professional.

Western Digital My Book Studio Upped to 3TB

Western Digital has announced the availability of the My Book Studio external hard drive in a 3TB configuration. The My Book Studio series of drives are designed with a sleek brushed aluminum case to match Mac computers and support the Time Machine service. The combination of case design and the low power 3TB Caviar Green hard drive means WD can leave out a cooling fan, leading to near silent operation.

Intel Cloud in a Box - World's Smallest Cloud Data Center

Intel is showing off what they're calling the world’s smallest cloud data center. Dubbed the ‘Cloud-in-a-Box’ system, the Intel unit is designed to be used as a demonstration tool to illustrate the power and efficiencies of cloud computing.

Icy Dock Releases SSD Xpander Device

The SSD Xpander from Icy Dock combines a 2.5" SSD and a 3.5" hard drive, creating a hybrid partition on the hard drive identical to the size of the SSD. Combining the capacity of a hard drive and speed of an SSD, the SSD Expander gives buyers the best of both worlds for storage; increased high-performance storage and seamless operation. 

Synology Intros Storage Solutions for Small/Medium Enterprises

Synology has announced they are entering the SME market with new higher-end DiskStation network attached storage (NAS) devices. The new solutions start under $5,000 and can scale to over 100TB.

Patriot Now Shipping Wildfire SSDs

Patriot has announced it has begun shipping its new Wildfire series SSDs, powered by a SandForce processor. The Wildfire features a SATA 6Gb/s interface and uses 25nm MLC NAND flash memory. It is available in 120GB and 240GB capacities, with a 480GB version on the way.

Promise Ships Thunderbolt-Equipped Storage Solution

Promise Technology is now shipping its Pegasus four- and six-bay RAID solutions, equipped with the new Thunderbolt connection. With up to 12TB of storage, the company says the Pegasus can reach an 864MB/s transfer rate.

7mm Seagate Hard Drives Integrated Into Tablets

ARCHOS has announced its G9 series of tablets will feature Seagate Momentus 2.5-inch hard drives, providing between 160GB and 320GB of capacity. The ARCHOS 80 G9 8-inch tablet and ARCHOS 101 G9 10-inch tablet will be available this September.