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Crucial Releases New 0007 Firmware For RealSSD C300

Today Crucial quietly released the latest firmware for the popular RealSSD C300. Aptly named 0007 (replacing version 0006) this firmware is intended to fix an outstanding issue that caused some performance issues for some users. The most common reason for upgrading to the latest firmware is if your C300 suffers from a stuttering issue that affecting some users.

OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSD Released

OCZ has released and is now shipping a Max IOPS version of their popular Vertex 3 SSD. The drives increase random write performance of the original Vertex 3, ideal for applications where increased IO throughput is critical. The OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSDs leverage the SandForce SF-2200 series processors to deliver 4K random write performance with up to 75,000 IOPS compared to 60,000 IOPS for the standard Vertex 3. 


SanDisk Partners With Toshiba, Creates New 19nm NAND Flash

Following hot on the heels of Intel and Micron with their new 20nm NAND, SanDisk has announced they will start production of 19nm MLC NAND in the 2nd half of this year in a partnership with Toshiba. The new chip is a 64Gb, 2-bits-per-cell (X2) design targeted at smaller embedded designs and removable storage.

Hitachi Touro Pro External Drives with Cloud Backup Announced

Hitachi GST is expanding its line of external storage devices with its Touro Pro series desktop and mobile external hard drives. 3GB of cloud storage is included for free. Other highlights include 7200RPM drives and USB 3.0 connections.

Seagate Acquires Samsung Hard Drive Storage Operations

Seagate and Samsung are calling it a "Broad Strategic Alignment" but it more common terms, Samsung has more or less sold off their hard drive storage division to Seagate. The deal was rumored over the weekend by the Wall Street Journal, now it's official. As part of the deal Samsung will combine its hard drive operations with Seagate and will supply Seagate with NAND for Seagate's enterprise SSDs and hybrid hard drives and other products. Interestingly, the deal comes barely a month after Western Digital agreed to purchase Hitachi

San Digital Intros 8-Bay RAID Tower w/ 6Gbps SAS

San Digital has introduced its latest storage solution in the form of an 8-bay hardware RAID-embedded tower utilizing the latest 6Gbps SAS/SATA interface. The MR8X6 is a direct attached storage solution. It has a built-in expansion port and online RAID extension for further storage needs. Up to an additional 7 MR8X6s can be connected. The product supports 6Gbps SAS and SATA hard drives and provides hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60.

Intel and Micron Show Off New 20nm NAND Flash

Just when you thought things were starting to calm down with the news surrounding 25nm NAND, Intel and Micron have now just announced new, and even smaller, 20nm NAND. Claiming 30 to 40 percent reduction in size over 25nm flash, the new 20nm process will allow for far greater capacities, lowered costs, as well as another step down in write cycles.

Hitachi Shows Off New G-Technology A/V Storage Products

G-Technology by Hitachi has introduced several new audio/video storage products for 2011, including a portable rugged drive and a high-capacity 3TB drive.


Addonics CFast Drive Uses 6 CF Cards to Create RAID Arrays

Addonics has announced its new CF/CFast Drive, which is a 5.25" bay device that supports up to six CompactFlash (CF) cards. The six cards can be independent drives or act together in a RAID array. Each slot has its own SATA connector.


Hands On With Marvell's New DragonFly Virtual Storage Accelerator [SNW Spring 2011]

Right before the start of SNW Spring, Marvell announced the launch of the DragonFly storage accelerator. Marvell promised a demo on the show floor and didn't disappoint as they provided an overview of the DargonFly's hardware and its effect within a storage infrastructure. While we still don't know what it costs, we do know that it's very cool and something system admins will want to consider as they look for ways to get more out of their SANs. Through its  highly optimized I/O caching mechanism, the DragonFly can drastically drop server/SAN I/O traffic loads and allow more servers to be attached while putting off storage upgrades.