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Alternate Form Factors the Future for SSDs [Storage Visions 2011]

The trend in computing generally seems to gravitate toward "smaller is better." That's certainly true when it comes to client-side computing and the related storage devices. Hard drives are coming out in single-platter 7mm height and SSDs are seeing more adoption of form factors in sizes other than 2.5". Intel's new 310 SSD is a good case study, but they're not alone. At Storage Visions, we visited with SanDisk, Micron and others who are all working toward smaller SSD form factors.

Rocstor Intros New Enterprise Storage Product Line [CES 2011]

Rocstor has announced the latest additions to its ENTEROC line of enterprise storage products. The new 2U and 3U rackmounted products house up to 16 drives and SAS, SATA, iSCSI, and Fibre interface options.

Iomega Announces Personal Cloud Internet Storage Technology [CES 2011]

Iomega announced its latest storage technology, the Iomega Personal Cloud. The web-based service connects an Iomega Network-Attached Storage (NAS) server to the Internet, making it remotely accessible to yourself and selected others. Unlike other Cloud storage services, Personal Cloud is self-owned and there are no subscription fees or usage/service charges.

ioSafe Rugged Portable Drive Released [Storage Visions 2011]

ioSafe has released a new rugged external hard drive, this time a 2.5" portable model. The Rugged Portable comes in an aluminum case with either an HDD or SSD inside. If you need a little more physical security, there's also an SSD version with titanium case. All of the Rugged Portable drives feature data recovery services and a host of military spec features. 

Rocstor Announces Ruggedized, Encrypted USB 3.0 External Drives [CES 2011]

Rocstor has announced two new external drive lines: The Blazer B7 Ruggedized and the Commander 2U3 hardware encrypted drive. Common features include USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 ports plus a choice between hard drives (HDDs) and SSDs.

Marvell Launches New 6Gb/s SATA Controllers [CES 2011]

Marvell has launched its new 88SE9130 6Gb/s SATA controller powered by HyperDuo embedded processor technology. The device can combine a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) and a solid-state drive (SSD) together to provide the best of both worlds: the speed of an SSD and the capacity of an HDD.

Micron RealSSD C400 and C400V SSDs Announced [Storage Visions 2011]

Micron Technology has introduced new RealSSD solid state drive (SSD) products based on the latest 25nm NAND flash memory technology. The new C400 series drives are available in 1.8- and 2.5-inch form factors with storage capacities ranging from 128GB to 512GB. The C400V value line will include a 64MB capacity.

Samsung Announces Three New USB 3.0 External Hard Disk Lines [CES 2011]

Samsung has announced three new lines of external hard disk drives, including two portable models and a desktop drive. All use the new USB 3.0 port standard, which is up to 10x faster than the current-generation USB 2.0.

Lexar Echo MX and ZX Flash Drives Announced [CES 2011]

Lexar has announced two new Echo flash drive models in time for CES 2011.  The Echo MX drive is a high performance thumb drive with a nice always-on capacity meter and the Echo ZX drive is a small-footprint drive meant to live in your notebook for transparent backups. Both drives feature 128-bit AES encryption and use the Lexar Echo backup software for no-touch backup.

Iomega TV with Boxee Announced [CES 2011]

Iomega has joined D-Link to offer a set top media player with Boxee's software included. TV with Boxee is interesting in that not only is their a full suite of multimedia options, but they're also offering the player as diskless and in a NAS version with 1TB and 2TB capacity options. The onboard storage is a similar approach that Western Digital has taken in their WD TV Live Hub