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Corsair Launches Force Series SSDs

Corsair appears to be SSD happy of late, launching the new Force Series today, just weeks after launching the Reactor value-line and Nova mainstream-line SSDs. The new Force SSDs leverage a SandForce SF-1200 controller and feature 280MB/s read and 260MB/s write times placing these SSDs squarely in the performance category. 

LSI Announces Software Optimizers for New 6Gbps SAS Adapters

LSI has announced three new software performance enhancers for its 6Gb/s SAS/SATA MegaRAID controller cards: FastPath for SSD I/O acceleration, CacheCade to enable SSD caches, and Recovery which uses snapshots to prevent data loss.

Super Talent Intros Encrypted USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Super Talent today introduced its latest flash drive, the Encrypted USB 3.0 SuperCrypt Drive. It supports AES hardware encryption, and is available with up to 256GB of capacity.

Corsair Shows Off Voyager GTR Flash Drives

Corsair today introduced its latest flash drive, the Voyager GTR 128GB. As the name implies, speed is the goal of this drive; Corsair found the GTR to be up to six times faster than competitor's drives in file transfer tests.

Western Digital Intros Studio Line Portable Hard Drives

Western Digital today introduced its Studio line of external portable hard drives for Mac users. It has an always-on external display and supports FireWire 800. It is available now with 320-640GB of capacity.

Plextor 64GB and 128GB SSDs Now Shipping

When Plextor announced their first SSDs in late January, two things were missing, a ship data and pricing. Plextor has solved both those issues - the 64GB PX-64M1S and 128GB PX-128M1S are available now for $225 and $400 respectively. The SSDs feature Marvell controllers, SATA II interface and mainstream SSD performance levels.  

A-DATA Unveils USB 3.0 Storage Devices, SSDs

A-DATA has just announced its USB 3.0 product lineup at the CeBIT 2010 tradeshow. Two storage products and an SSD were introduced: the NH01 external hard drive, the N002 combo flash drive, and the S599 SSD with SandForce processors.

Crucial RealSSD C300 Now Shipping

Consumers with no budgetary concerns can now buy what many regard as the fastest production SSD available. The C300 comes in 256GB and 128GB capacities and are available now for $799 and $499 respectively. The SSDs feature a SATA 6Gb/s interface and up to 355MB/s read speeds.  

How To: Options for Backing Up Your Computer

We've talked a bit about the different ways you can secure a single drive and a single set of data (here and here), but encryption is really only half the battle. While encryption methods are certainly good for making sure undesirables never get access to your goodies, it's not as effective against, say, power surges, general hardware failure, and being struck by a large vehicle or an equal amount of force. Encryption is also ineffective against large dogs that knock your laptop over, causing the head of the drive inside the unit to crash and thus destroying your data. Ask my sister about that.

SanDisk G3 SSDs Now Shipping - Up To 120GB

SanDisk has begun shipping its G3 Solid State Drives in North America and Europe. The G3 comes in 60GB and 120GB capacities for a suggested $229.99 and $399.99 respectively. In terms of performance the G3 features 220 Mb/s read and 120 Mb/s write times.