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Crucial RealSSD C300 Now Shipping

Consumers with no budgetary concerns can now buy what many regard as the fastest production SSD available. The C300 comes in 256GB and 128GB capacities and are available now for $799 and $499 respectively. The SSDs feature a SATA 6Gb/s interface and up to 355MB/s read speeds.  

How To: Options for Backing Up Your Computer

We've talked a bit about the different ways you can secure a single drive and a single set of data (here and here), but encryption is really only half the battle. While encryption methods are certainly good for making sure undesirables never get access to your goodies, it's not as effective against, say, power surges, general hardware failure, and being struck by a large vehicle or an equal amount of force. Encryption is also ineffective against large dogs that knock your laptop over, causing the head of the drive inside the unit to crash and thus destroying your data. Ask my sister about that.

SanDisk G3 SSDs Now Shipping - Up To 120GB

SanDisk has begun shipping its G3 Solid State Drives in North America and Europe. The G3 comes in 60GB and 120GB capacities for a suggested $229.99 and $399.99 respectively. In terms of performance the G3 features 220 Mb/s read and 120 Mb/s write times.  

New CompactFlash 5.0 Spec Released - CF Cards Now Support Capacities up to 144PB

CompactFlash storage is rarely seen outside the confines of the DSLR world, but in high-end photography the format still reigns supreme. The current CF cards have their limitations though, many of which will get resolved with the 5.0 spec. The biggest change is the move to 48-bit addressing which not only allows for much larger card capacities, but for larger and more efficient data block transfer - 32MB from 128K. 

Sandisk Shipping 64GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC Card

Sandisk has started shipping their 64GB Ultra SDXC card (SDSDRH-064G-A11). The card marks Samsung's highest capacity SD card to date and features 15MB/sec read speed. The best part though is the price, $349.99 retail, making it the most affordable high capacity SD card on the market.

Seagate 2TB 6Gb/s SAS Enterprise Drive Now Shipping

Seagate has announced it has started shipping its industry-first 2TB Enterprise SAS hard drives with a 6Gb/s interface (ST32000444SS). The 3.5-inch Constellation ES is a fourth-generation drive available in 500GB/1TB/2TB capacities with 3 or 6Gb/s interfaces.

Corsair Debuts Padlock 2 Secure Flash Drive

Corsair has introduced its latest portable flash drive, the Padlock 2. It features built-in 256-bit hardware encryption and a physical PIN keypad integrated into the device.

OCZ Vertex Limited Edition SSD Released - Fastest SSD Ever

OCZ has released their fastest SSD to date, the Vertex Limited Edition. The Vertex LE comes in 100GB and 200GB capacities with MLC NAND and promises transfer rates of 270MB/s read and 250MB/s write speeds. The SSD also reaches 15,000 IOPS in the 4K random write test.  

Kingston DataTraveler 310 256GB USB Drive Released - Largest USB Flash Drive in the US

Kingston has released what they're calling the largest USB flash drive in the United States, the 256GB DataTraveler 310. Kingston previously offered the now discontinued DataTraveler 300, which is a 256GB flash drive available outside the US.

Toshiba MBF 2.5" 600GB SAS Enterprise Hard Drives Announced

Toshiba has announced the MBF series of enterprise hard drives. The 2.5" drives come in a top capacity of 600GB. The drives are also the first to incorporate Toshiba's enterprise-class self encrypting drive (SED) offering, which encrypts data within the storage device.