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Hitachi and LG Unveil HyDrive SSD/Optical Drive Hybrid

If one hybrid drive wasn't enough for you this week, Hitachi and LG are planning to show off their HyDrive ODD/SSD combo unit at Computex on Monday. While at this point the drive is just a concept, the tandem has loaded up several videos showing how 32GB or 64GB of NAND coupled with the optical drive can do all sorts of wonders for your notebook.

Kanguru Announces Defender V2 Encrypted Flash Drive

Kanguru Solutions has announced their latest commercial-use encrypted flash drive, the Defender V2. This latest drive in the Defender series is FIPS 197 certified and has 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption.

Seagate Launches Momentus 750GB Hard Drive

While most of the excitement around Seagate today focuses on the hybrid Momentus XT, the company also released their largest capacity hard drive, the 7200RPM 750GB Momentus with Advanced Format. 

Corsair Adds Three SSDs to Force Series Line

Corsair has added three capacities to their SandForce SF-1200 powered Force Series SSD line. The new SSDs include the F60, F120, and F240 which offer capacities of 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB respectively. The two models currently available for sale are 100GB and 200GB capacities. 

Transcend Intros Shockproof USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Transcend has launched their latest external storage product, the StoreJet 25M3 rugged portable external hard drive. It uses a 2.5-inch hard drive and has USB 3.0 connectivity.

Western Digital Releases SATA 6Gb/s Caviar Blue Hard Drives

Western Digital has quietly updated their Caviar Blue lineup with three hard drives that support the SATA 6Gb/s interface and increased cache.

Intel Shipping 25nm NAND Flash

Intel has announced that the Intel-Micron Flash Technologies partnership is mass producing 25nm NAND flash memory and Intel is shipping to customers. Intel-Micron Flash Technologies is the first to get 25nm NAND to market, which was originally announced in February. This also means Intel should be able to bring the first SSDs based on these chips to market.

Seagate 3TB Drive to be Announced Later this Year

Seagate has confirmed it will be introducing a 3TB hard drive later this year. The move to over 2TB capacities will showcase some limitations with legacy programming code in many PCs, which prevents them from addressing over 2.1TB of storage.

Patriot Inferno SF-1200 SSDs Announced

SandForce SF-1200 processor powered SSDs are hatching everywhere of late. Patriot is the most recent to get in the game, launching the Inferno series of SSDs. Available in 100GB and 200GB capacities, the Patriot Inferno offers up 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write speeds, inline with other SF-1200 based SSDs.

Western Digital Takes Top Spot From Seagate

Western Digital has edged Seagate in the first quarter of this year for total hard drive shipments, giving them the number one spot for the quarter after trailing by only the slimmest margin in 2009. Thanks in large part to sales of notebook drives, Western Digital posted a tally of 51.1 million drives sold, compared to 50.3 million for Seagate.