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How To: Improve Low SSD Performance in Intel Series 5 Chipset Environments

Forums member StamatisX has created the following how to guide and analysis of what appears to be a commonly reported problem - SSDs are not reaching their full performance potential in many notebooks and some desktops using the Intel Series 5 chipset. While not a definitive study on the issue, StamatisX does provide a detailed look into the problem and provides tweak options that help alleviate the performance issue until the concern is addressed more soundly by the OEMs, Intel or both.

Intel SSD Toolbox v2.0 Released

Intel has updated their SSD management software. Version 2.0 features new tools including a System Configuration Tuner and Secure Erase function, which is handy and mitigates the need for a third party application. 

QNAP Launches Turbo NAS Pro+ Servers for Business

QNAP has announced a year-end refresh of its Business Series Turbo NAS servers. The new models announced include the 2-drive TS-259 Pro+, the 4-drive TS-459 Pro+, the 5-drive TS-559 Pro+, and the 6-drive TS-659 Pro+ with up to 12TB of online storage (using 2TB hard drives).

New Mushkin 40GB SSD; Hitachi Ultrastar Drives Available in G-SPEED RAID Units; Icy Dock Rack fits 4x 2.5" Drives

Today's news bits covers Mushkin's new 40GB Callisto deluxe value drive featuring a SandForce SF-1200 controller, Hitachi's G-Technology brand introducing Hitachi Ultrastar enterprise-class hard drives into its G-SPEED RAID storage devices, and finally Icy Dock's Quad Bay Mobile Rack, which accomodates up to 4x 2.5-inch SAS or SATA drives in a single 5.25" device bay.

Toshiba Announces 24nm NAND Flash Memory

Toshiba has announced it has started mass production of 24nm NAND flash memory, hot on the heels of Intel's recent 25nm announcement.

Transcend Updates SSDs with More Performance, Larger Capacity

Transcend has announced updates to its 2.5-inch line of Solid State Drives (SSDs). They are now available with peak transfer rates up to 260MB/s and capacities up to 512GB.

Iomega Releases eGo USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Iomega has updated its eGo portable external hard drives with USB 3.0 technology. The drives also feature hardware encryption and a rugged exterior designed to withstand abuse.

Buffalo Updates DriveStation NAS Line

Buffalo has refreshed their line of DriveStation Duo and DriveStation Quad NAS units and added a single-drive unit, DriveStation Axis. 

OWC 40GB Mercury Extreme Pro SSD Launched

OWC has followed the path of other SandForce licensees and added a 40GB boot drive capacity to their Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line.  The drive features 285MB/s peak read speeds and 270MB/s writes. 


G.Skill Adds SSD Capacities, IcyDock Tool-Less Enclosure, Samsung Adds USB 3.0 to Externals, Sans Digital 8-Bay TowerRAID

In this news roundup G.Skill has added three capacities to their SandForce powered Phoenix Pro SSD line, IcyDock has a new USB 3.0 2.5" drive enclosure that's tool-less, Samsung has added USB 3.0 to their external drives and Sans Digital has a great-looking 8-bay RAID unit.