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The NetApp Data Fabric and Hybrid Cloud In A Nutshell

The NetApp Data Fabric - NetApp announced their “Data Fabric” idea back in 2015, during Insight Las Vegas. The idea of NetApp’s “Data Fabric” is a simple concept; your data where you want it, when you want it. Whether you want to run 100% On-Prem or 100% Cloud (even multi-cloud), the Data Fabric gives you the ability to shift workloads wherever you and the business would like.

Lenovo ThinkSystem Family Overview

Lenovo’s family of servers, dubbed the ThinkSystem family, is designed around flexibility and affordability. The ThinkSystem family is offered in several configurations including quad- dual- and single-socket, 1- or 2U rackmount models, as well as tower form factors. The entire family offers some level of configurability/scalability allowing users to start where they need and build up along with their business.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 Server Review

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR570 is a 2-socket 1U server that can be used by the entire gamut of SMB to large enterprises. The server offers a balance of performance, memory, and storage. This balance leads to versatility allowing the SR570 to be used in a wide range of workloads, such as virtualization and cloud computing, infrastructure security, web serving, and application development. The SR570 is also a popular option for software-defined solutions, of which Lenovo supports many via their ThinkAgile platforms, that have a heavier reliance on compute density than storage footprint.

GTC 2019 Bits

Our News Bits is a roundup that typically covers news pieces that are just small in content, not in impact. This gives content room to breath even if it comes in less than what we normally cover.  This week the 10th annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) took place in San Jose, California. While we covered the major announcements by the heavy hitters, mainly NVIDIA, there were several other smaller announcements that would have gotten washed away in the deluge. These announcements come from vendors such as Kinetica, Aetina, TYAN, DDN, Cognata, Inspur, SQream, and Samsung.

Formulus Black Debuts De-Duplicating OS

Formulus Black debuted ForsaOs, a Linux-based software stack built specifically to run all applications in memory. Formulus Black changed its name from Symbolic IO last March. At the same time, they switched to an entirely new management team. 

Pivotal Announces Pivotal Greenplum 6

Pivotal recently announced the impending release of Greenplum 6 and Greenplum for Kubernetes. Like previous versions, Greenplum 6 is based on PostgreSQL and runs on Linux. Greenplum is a big data analytics software package. It acquired its current name in 2012 after being acquired by EMC Corporation in 2010.

VMware Cloud Foundation Available On Dell EMC VxRail

Building off of the news from VMware this morning, Dell EMC announced the arrival of VMware Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC VxRail. The combination of these two technologies is said to give customers a quick and easy path to deploy and operate hybrid cloud through a fully integrated platform. 

Unity Technologies & NVIDIA Bring Real-Time Ray Tracing To Automotive, M&E, & Gaming

At GTC 2019, Unity Technologies announced that it is working with NVIDIA to offer production-focused early-access for real-time ray tracing in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Ray-tracing mimics the physical properties of light; seeing it in real-time allows creators to alter their creation in real-time, a big advantage over those that can’t. Unity says that it will blur the difference between real-time and reality.

VMware Announces Updates to Cloud Services

Today VMware is announcing updates to VMware vCloud Director, CloudHealth by VMware, and planned updates to VMware Cloud Foundation. The updates announced center around the company’s vision for delivering a digital foundation on which customers can build their digital transformations. 

Aparavi Announces Active Archive Enhancements

Today Aparavi is announcing enhancements to their Active Archive platform. Aparavi focuses on providing multi-cloud data management services through its Active Archive platform. New features include direct-to-cloud data transfer, new data classification schemes, tagging, full-content search, and adds support for bulk migration to move data from one location to another, including on- or off-premises. Additional cloud destinations have been added and together include AWS, Backblaze B2, Caringo, Cloudian, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Scality, and Wasabi. Data stored in Active Archive is available through C++ and command line APIs in addition to Aparavi's Active Archive platform, which was launched last year.