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Acromove ServerPack 35 SP3B Review

The Server Pack 35 is Acromove’s portable server family. Unique to the Server Pack 35 compared to other portable servers is that it is a hyperconverged software-defined system (SDS) that packs the biggest punch into the smallest footprint. The combination of compute, storage, and networking gives users everything they need in one portable box that is designed to work in nearly any environment. Aside from physical environment flexibility, the server is also operating-system- / software-application- agnostic.

1TB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Card Review

Announced in February of this year, the 1TB SanDisk Extreme UGH-I microSDXC card is one of the world’s first 1TB microSD cards, and is quoted to be the fastest. This card is designed to address a number of issues, such as capturing and storing large files while out in the field, successfully removing the need to carry and swap multiple cards due to small capacity limitations.

Lenovo ThinkIoT Ecosystem Expands Customer Validated Solutions

Lenovo is well known for their endpoint solutions as well as their infrastructure solutions like ThinkSystem servers and the ThinkAgile software-defined portfolio. Lenovo ThinkIoT encompasses all of what Lenovo has learned over the years at the edge, as well as the infrastructure required to support smart workloads in retail, fulfilment, logistics and other key use cases. From the hardware perspective, the ThinkIoT portfolio includes edge computing devices such as the ThinkCentre Tiny as well as the ThinkCentre Nano IoT that was launched today. Additionally though, the ThinkIoT portfolio includes a variety of sensors and dedicated IoT devices including high-powered smart cameras, motion-enabled lighting, machine vision cashier and facial recognition devices.

Lenovo Announces ThinkBook 13s and 14s, ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 and Nano Workstations

Lenovo has announced a new line of mobile workstations called ThinkBook dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Launching with the S Series, the new ultra-slim ThinkBook 13s and 14s (a 13-inch and 14-inch model, respectively) are designed for businesses seeking security, reliability, support services, and modern-looking solutions that bring the smartphone experience to a workstation environment.

Eaton 9SX3000 UPS Review

The Eaton 9SX3000 is the largest model of the company’s 9SX UPS line. The 9SX UPS solutions are highlighted by their topology, internal static bypass and intuitive, slick-looking LCD menu display, as well as network, Modbus, Relay and signal input functionality for easy integration into IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. UPS solutions are a vital part of any organization that depends on electronic equipment, as they protect them from unexpected power-related issues that might arise. This includes power failures, sags and surges, brownouts, voltage spikes, frequency variations, and harmonic distortion. Eaton’s 9SX UPS line goes the extra mile with features like double-conversion, online power protection, which is ideal for medical, light industrial, automation and mission critical IT environments.

Supermicro Introduces Red Hat 8 Private Cloud Servers

Recently, Supermicro introduced open private cloud solutions running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on Supermicro server and storage systems. Red Hat is one of the most successful open source software companies and the world's leading enterprise Linux platform provider. Supermicro (Super Micro Computer Incorporated, SMCI) was founded in 1993 and is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the world. Supermicro provides a wide range of products and servers; most focused around cloud software and hardware. 

Supermicro 2049U-TR4 SuperServer Solution for SAP HANA

Supermicro demonstrated its new solution for SAP HANA for scale-up in-memory environments at SAPPHIRE NOW, Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando on May 7 to 9. Based on the Supermicro 4-Way MP server, the 2U, 4-Way 2049U-TR4 SuperServer allows for real-time On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) on the same system. SAP HANA (or high-performance analytic appliance) is an in-memory, column-oriented database technology that promotes the processing of enormous amounts of real-time data very quickly.

QNAP QTS 4.3.X Review

We have come a long way from the strictly enterprise SAN devices that were firmly targeted to only those with a large budget. We now have dozens of various manufacturers that are offering low cost; high performance hardware at nearly every price point. It's possible to purchase a simple 2 bay NAS that under the hood is running the same OS as the much larger rackmount models – additionally providing many of the same features the more expensive alternative. This OS update function allows for many much older devices to benefit from feature updates, security updates and additional functionality. One of the best in the industry at being able to solve the issues faced in the home, small business or enterprise edge is QNAP with their QTS operating system.

Secondary Storage Solution, Nutanix Mine, Announced at .NEXT

Today at Nutanix’ annual conference, Nutanix . NEXT, in Anaheim, California, the company announced its new open solution that integrates secondary storage operations with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Nutanix Mine. The introduction of Mine brings both primary and secondary storage to the private cloud for Nutanix. Nutanix will also be working with backup vendors such as Veeam, HYCU, Commvault, Veritas, and Unitrends that help customer mange HCI environments and backup through native integration. 

Cohesity Acquires Imanis Data & Announces Backup & Recovery For Hadoop

Today Cohesity announced its first acquisition, Imanis Data, Inc., a leader in enterprise backup and data management for distributed databases. The acquisition will allow customers to easily back up and instantly recover Hadoop and NoSQL workloads and supporting databases, including MongoDB. The acquisition adds to Cohesity capabilities making them a more attractive secondary storage option.