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Baidu Announces OpenEdge

Today at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Baidu, Inc. announced its open source intelligent edge computing platform, OpenEdge. OpenEdge is stated as being able to enable developers to build light, secure, and scalable edge applications and solutions with more flexibility to accelerate AI applications. Along with OpenEdge, the company announced two other intelligent edge computing technologies: BIE-AI-BOX and BIE-AI-Board. 

QNAP Backup and Recovery Solutions Brief: Accelerating Data Availability with Veeam and Flash

Over the last several weeks we've been working with QNAP, Veeam and Samsung to develop a set of best practices to unleash the power of NAS when it comes to the problem of data availability and recovery. For small businesses, ROBO, retail and others, the idea of backup is generally well understood. But recovery is where the pain really is, when it comes to restoring files or standing up an environment after something like a ransomware attack. Flash is often overlooked for backup environments though either because of cost concerns or because the backup application can't take advantage of SSDs. 

Intel Announced Optane Memory H10

Today at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Intel announced its latest SSD, the Intel Optane Memory H10. As the name implies it is an Optane drive, but wait, there is a twist, the drive also combines Intel’s QLC 3D NAND technology. Putting both technologies onto a single M.2 form factor give users bother performance and capacity in a tiny footprint. 

Intel Makes CPU Announcements At CES

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Intel made several announcements including a few around processor innovations. The company announced details on its first volume 10nm PC processor, Ice Lake. Intel previewed Lakefield, its hybrid 10nm CPU architecture with Foveros 3D packaging. The company is also expanding its 9th Gen Core desktop CPUs as well.

Toshiba Unveils Its 1TB BGA SSD

Today at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Toshiba Memory America Inc. introduced its fourth generation ball grid array (BGA) SSD product line, the BG4 series. The BG4 is the company’s first 96-Layer BGA SSD. The tiny BG4 leverages NVMe interface and puts the storage and controller into a single package making it ideal for mobile devices or sever boots where space is limited.

Netgear Releases New Router & Wireless Access Point

Today at CES in Las Vegas, Netgear released several new networking products. While Netgear is one of the leading providers for home, small and medium business networking appliances, the products released here primarily target small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new products include an IPV6 switching line, Insight wireless access points along with an update to the Insight platform, and a new Orbi Pro Mesh Wi-Fi satellite.

Toshiba Announces 16TB MG08 Series HDDs

Today Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. announced what it is calling the largest Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) HDD, the MG08 Series. The new HDD series comes in a whopping 16TB, 33% more capacity than the more commonly used 12TB and 14% more capacity than the prior 14TB models. The new MG08 Series leverages CMR meaning that it can be dropped in as a higher capacity replacement for lower capacity drives in several systems. 

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN2312 Review

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS 2312 is a high-density 12-bay 1U rack NAS designed for SMB’s looking for low-cost storage with future expansion potential. The RN2312 features its OS business features that users have grown accustomed to, including automated backup, disaster recovery, and 5 levels of data protection. This 1U NAS is ideal for environments requiring high-performance and data scalability at a low initial investment.

Seagate Makes Several Storage Announcements At CES

Today Seagate Technology announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas several new drive models, including new solid state drives. The new drives span everything from external drives like the LaCie in both HDD and SSD, to the BarraCuda 510 internal SSDs and even drives designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS) like the IronWolf 110.

Atrust Launches Dual Screen Raspberry Pi, t32C

Today Atrust Computer Corp announced its latest thin client, the t32C. The t32C is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B + and Pi Zero and comes with the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub. The new Atrust t32C is a cost-effective solution for virtual workspaces while still offering high-performance.