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Samsung 983 DCT NVMe SSD Review

The Samsung 983 DCT is the company’s latest Data Center SSD. The 983 DCT leverages NVMe interface and comes in two form factors: 2.5” and M.2. The drive is built off of proven Samsung components and its battle proven V-NAND. The drive is specifically geared toward performance but also come end-to-end data protection, more efficient management through the Samsung SSD Toolkit software, and a 5-year warranty.

Tyan Transport SX TN70A-B8026 Review

The TYAN Transport SX TN70A-B8026 is a 2U rackmount server, based on the Tomcat SX single-socket AMD EPYC motherboard, that’s designed for SME’s and is ideal for real-time analytics, video streaming, software defined storage, in-memory databases, and big data applications. 

QNAP TS-963X NAS Review

The QNAP TS-963X, launched back in May earlier this year, is an affordable NAS designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Powered by an AMD quad-core 2.0 GHz processor, up to 8GB RAM (expandable to 16GB, and 10GBASE-T connectivity that supports 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M connection speeds, this 9-bay NAS is perfect for organizations looking to enhance their mission-critical tasks performance through increased data efficiency and network transmission speed.

Memblaze PBlaze5 916 AIC Review

Memblaze has released a series of 64-Layer, 3D NAND NVMe SSDs in the PBlaze5 910-916 series. The drives were released in both U.2 and AIC form factors with the 910 going all the way up to 15.36TB in capacity. The higher endurance version of the drive is the 916. We’ve previously reviewed the 916 U.2 SSD and are now focusing on the higher performing HHHL AIC version. 

CalDigit T4 (Thunderbolt 3) Review

The four-bay CalDigit T4 storage solution, compatible with Mac only, features Thunderbolt 3 technology, storage capacities of up to 32TB, and support RAID 0, 1, and 5 configurations. Similar to the Thunderbolt 2 T4, this device comes with the CalDigit Drive Utility software that allows you to maintain and monitor your T4. Through this software, you can easily set notifications, configure RAID modes, check event logs, and view other important information concerning your storage.

Dell Technologies Returns To The Market

Today, in a surprise to almost no one, Dell Technologies Inc. made its return to the publically traded markets, specifically the NYSE, it was previously traded on the NASDAQ. Dell went private almost six years ago and in that time bought EMC. The company will be traded under the symbol DELL. 

Memblaze PBlaze5 916 Series U.2 SSD Review

The PBlaze5 916 series is a 64-layer 3D NAND high-performance line of NVMe SSDs that focus on energy efficiency for data centers. It has the usual suspects for enterprise features, including AES 256 Data Encryption, Full Data Path Protection, and Enhanced Power Failure protection, helping safeguard critical enterprise applications. The 916 series comes in both 2.5-inch U.2 and HHHL AIC form factors, the former which we are looking at for this review.

LaCie d2 Professional Review (10TB)

The LaCie d2 Professional is designed as a massive expansion external drive option for laptops or desktops and for those who work with large files in bandwidth-intensive environments. Featuring a capacity of up to 10TB, the d2 Professional supports USB-C, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and is the first LaCie product to be outfitted with the enterprise-class Seagate BarraCuda Pro hard drive inside.

Hands On with HPE SimpliVity

Recently Kevin and I took a trip to Westborough, Massachusetts (unironically west of Boston) to visit the original, and still current home of what is now HPE SimpliVity. We met with Vinay Jonnakuti, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, and Chuck Wood in Product Marketing for HPE, both of whom were with the orignal SimpliVity team. SimpliVity started back in 2009 and was an original disruptor in what would come to be known as hyperconverged infrastructure. Now we're coming up on the two-year anniversary of HPE's purchase of SimpliVity. The match thus far appears to be working, as the SimpliVity team continues to develop the platform in their original offices, backed by the heft of HPE. More than just a big company though, HPE has leading server platforms which are fundamental to the success of HPE SimpliVity.

Samsung 983 ZET Review

Samsung has moved into the market that aims to fill the gap between system memory and storage with its new 983 ZET SSD. So far in this arena we’ve seen, not necessarily the most performant drives, but drives with very low latency. The 983 ZET is an NVMe SSD designed specifically for low latency (with claims Quality of Service (QoS) read/writes of up to 0.03ms at a minimal 20μs latency) for high-performance computing applications as well as emerging technologies that are becoming more common such as AI and IoT.