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NetApp NVMe AFF A320 & ONTAP 9.6 Announced

Today NetApp announced the latest version of its data management software, ONTAP 9.6. The company also announced its second end-to-end NVMe all flash array (the first being the AFF A800) aimed at the midrange, the AFF A320. These new releases along with expanded services are geared for helping businesses modernize for hybrid multi-cloud environments while also maximizing the value of their data. 

NetApp AFF A800 Review

The AFF A800 is the top-of-the-line ONTAP all-flash storage array from NetApp, which at launch offered an industry-first, end-to-end NVMe/FC over 32Gb FC, as well as 100GbE connectivity. To date, we have been working our way through the all-flash AFF lineup, starting with the potent A200 (having since been replaced by the A220) as well as the A300. Both of the units we previously reviewed won Editor’s Choice awards. Today we will be looking at the NVMe-based A800 powerhouse that offers the same ONTAP benefits of the previously reviewed models, as well as exponentially faster performance and lower latency. While this initial review focuses on system performance over Fibre Channel, subsequent articles will dive into the A800's end-to-end NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF) support. 

AMD & Cray Secure 9-digit DOE Contract

Today AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Cray announced that they had a contract to deliver what will be the world’s fastest supercomputer to Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the DOE (Department of Energy). While rarely taking top place, AMD has been one of the biggest names in processing and graphics chips. Cray used to be a household name, and while its successes rarely make it into mainstream media anymore, it remains one of the premier providers of supercomputers as it has been since 1976.

HPE Integrates BlueData Into Apollo Accelerating AI Capabilities

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced it would be accelerating AI capabilities on its Apollo systems through a full integration of BlueData software. BlueData will also be integrated with HPE Pointnext services. BlueData will give customers of the above solutions a simple deployment for their AI and analytics tools.

Lenovo Announces Next-Gen ThinkStation P920 and P720

Lenovo has announced updates to their ThinkStation P920 and P720 systems with new performance-driven components to enhance user experience. Design for mission-critical tasks in engineering, architecture, media, entertainment, finance, and medical industries, the P720 Power can be customized with a range of powerful options while supporting 12 drives via Flex Trays that hold up to two drives per bay. Ideal for the most demanding workflows. The I/O-driven ThinkStation P920 also supports Flex Trays as well as Tri-Channel Cooling for enhanced reliability and is ideal for the demanding workflows such as rendering, simulation, visualization, deep learning, and artificial intelligence across industries.

In The Lab: Installing The E10G17-F2 10GbE Ethernet Adapter In A Synology NAS

Nothing is worse than having a powerful NAS for your business needs to only have the bottleneck manifest itself in the network. Synology has a quick and easy fix for this with its network AIC, the E10G17-F2 Ethernet Adapter. The E10G17-F2 easily adds dual 10GbE SFP+ ports (there is also a single port option, E10G15-F1) to a NAS in a few minutes. For this In The Lab, we will go over how to install the card. 

DDN Announces Intent To Acquire Nexenta

Today DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced its intent to acquire Nexenta, the market leader in Software Defined Storage (SDS) for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT). The acquisition will help broaden DDN’s AI and multi-cloud management while bringing in Nexenta’s 5G, IoT, and SDS to DDN’s customers. The new division created will be Nexenta by DDN.

Home Lab Deep Dive: An Educator's Perspective

My lab started with a need to simplify my work load, but had big ideas attached to it. A single server purchase started it off, then it quickly snowballed as I learned more about what was possible on a budget. The lab grew bigger as the ideas became clearer. My home lab hasn’t reached the bottom of the hill just yet, but I ready to start telling the story of how it came to be and what lies ahead. 

Kingston DC500R Enterprise SSD Review

The Kingston DC500R, announced in mid-March of this year, is an enterprise-grade SSD, ideal for read-intensive applications such as server boot, web serving, virtual desktop infrastructure, operational databases, and analytics. This 2.5” form factor SSD is optimized for read-intensive applications and is the first to implement Kingston’s strict QoS requirements to ensure predictable random I/O performance and low latencies over a wide range of read and write workloads.

Violin Systems Doubles Capacity of XVS 8

Violin Systems LLC announced that it had virtually doubled the capacity of its XVS 8 storage platforms. Earlier versions of the XVS 8 from last October had usable capacities ranging from 14 to 88TB. The current models now boast usable capacities ranging from 25 to 151TB, a little less than twice the previous. This is such a significant upgrade that I’m surprised they’re not changing the name.