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HP Updates Creative Z Product Line

At Adobe Max 2018, running October 15th-17th, HP announced upgrades to its Z Studio product line. Z by HP is targeted at creative professionals; placing it in competition with Apple's MacBooks and other products.The new Z by HP portfolio includes ZBook mobiles, Z desktops like the HP Z2 Mini or the HP Z8, and DreamColor displays.

It's Time to Refresh Your Thin Clients

Reviewing Dell’s Wyse 5070 thin client got me thinking about why organizations should consider updating their thin clients. Currently, I don’t believe as many companies have a refresh cycle for their thin clients as when VDI was just starting to take off, one of the initial selling points of VDI and thin clients was that the compute and storage for virtual desktops was done in the datacenter, as such, there would be no apparent reason to update the client that connects to the virtual desktop. Moreover, as most thin clients lack mechanical components, they seldom wear out, so it makes sense that an organization would avoid the expense of a refresh cycle for their thin clients. But, as mentioned above, after having worked with a new generation of thin clients, I have some reasons why you should consider refreshing your thin clients.

Crucial DDR4 LRDIMM Server Memory Review

With all of the storage technology and new CPUs driving higher and higher performance, one piece of the puzzle that has been delivering on performance for a while is memory (DRAM/RAM). Typically speaking, if more performance is desired, simply throw in more RAM. This can get expensive fast. While Crucial is unable to do much about costs (as component parts are expensive, however the price is slowly softening) they have rolled out higher performing and high capacity RAM modules. That is what the company has done with its DDR4 LRDIMM Sever Memory modules.

Wyse 5070 Client Review

Dell is positioning the Wyse 5070 as a highly-configurable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) client platform. The Wsye 5070’s configuration ensures its functionality is suitable for a wide range of situations, from being a basic VDI client for task workers to being one that supports the most demanding of workloads. More specifically, the Wsye 5070 has 21 ports for connectivity, supports five different OSes, two different CPU families, many different memory and storage configurations, and all common remote display protocols. Additionally, it can be configured to support up to four 4K monitors and two 2K monitors, thereby satisfying the most demanding of users.

Commvault Announces Commvault Activate

Today at their annual GO conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Commvault announced its new solution to help customers gain data-drive insights and actions, Commvault Activate. Commvault Active allows users to “know their data” through a merger of knowledge and analysis that will become actionable use-cases. This analysis can lead to several benefits that include improved business decision making, lowered data storage costs, compliance readiness, risk, amongst others.

Commvault Rolls Out New Appliances

Today at their annual GO conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Commvault announced two new cloud-ready appliances, the Commvault HyperScale Appliance (model HS3300) and the Comvault Remote Office Appliance. The HS3300 is for MSPs and large enterprises while the Remote Office Appliance takes Commvault’s Complete Backup & Recovery and extends it to ROBO. Commvault is also reiterating its integration with HPE StoreOnce.

Commvault Announces Complete Backup & Recovery as-a-Service

Today at their annual GO conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Commvault announced that it was taking its flagship Complete Backup & Recovery and releasing it a as-a-Service portfolio, B&RaaS. This will take all the benefits of Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery and offers it in a more flexible as-a-service package. The portfolio includes three new cloud-based services: Commvault Complete B&RaaS, Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Virtual Machines (VMs), and Commvault Complete B&RaaS for Native Cloud Applications.

NVIDIA Announces Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation Enhancements

NVIDIA announced today the latest enhancements to the Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstations (Quadro vDWS), aimed to accelerate demanding graphics and compute workflows by delivering high performance of a virtual workstation.

Veritas Partners With Pure Storage

Today Veritas Technologies and Pure Storage announced a joint effort to help customers protect and maximize the value of their data. Veritas Technologies has primarily focused on providing enterprise data protection. Pure Storage offers all flash storage platforms. The two companies have jointly adopted one another’s technology, product enhancements, sales, and support.The consolidation of the technologies between the two companies enables AI and machine learning to be performed on larger, more diverse data sets than either company could support alone —yielding greater business intelligence that can lead to faster innovation.

Seagate Nytro 3530 SSD Review

Announced roughly a year ago, the Seagate Nytro 3000 line of enterprise SAS SSDs is making its way through the market. These drives are part of an endurance-driven family of SSDs designed specifically for demanding enterprise applications and to improve TCO. The use cases include server virtualization, databases, software-defined storage, and all-flash arrays. In this review, we will be looking at the Nytro 3530, the light-endurance line aimed at OLTP and other more mainstream workloads.