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IDC Releases 3Q18 Worldwide Storage Systems Tracker

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker for the third quarter of this year. Storage systems as a whole saw a bump in revenue continuing the recent trend, a nice turn around for the industry that was seeing signs of slowing growth. In yet another category of IDC’s, Dell EMC came out on top again. 

Dell EMC VxRail P570F Review

The Dell EMC VxRail family of appliances are hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) underpinned by VMware vSAN. VxRail has long been the lead product when VMware talks about vSAN, as the concept of deploying and managing the VxRail appliance is appealing to many. Of course, Dell EMC and others sell vSAN Ready Nodes for those who want a little more control over server configuration. VxRail isn't new to the lab as we wrote about the features like streamlined deployment and rigorous compatibility testing that Dell EMC brings to the table in early 2017. Much has changed since then; primarily Dell EMC has migrated off whitebox servers to PowerEdge servers. This is not an insignificant change, primarily because PowerEdge servers bring additional management and reliability features to the table that VxRail appliances can benefit from, further strengthening the Dell EMC/VMware value proposition when discussing the benefits of the VxRail appliance vs. Ready Nodes or roll your own options.

Dell EMC CloudIQ Review

CloudIQ is a free, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that allows customers to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot Dell EMC’s storage systems (Unity, SC Series, XtremIO, and PowerMax/VMAX) with a HTML5 browser. Since its release in 2016, Dell EMC has steadily been adding improvements and features to CloudIQ to make it an actionable service for their customers.

KubeCon 2018 Bits

This week KubeCon took place in Seattle, offering over 8,000 attendees (2,000 on the waiting list didn’t make it) an updated vision on Kubernetes as well as the projects under development and consideration. Thus far three projects have graduated (Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy) a dozen or so are incubating and many more are hopeful within the Sandbox. Over 125 event sponsors wanted to be sure the attendees understood their view and involvement in these projects, most of them going way beyond simply offering Kubernetes distributions. Security was a hot topic as well as management and deployment of these projects. 

Dell Precision 3930 Rack Workstation Review

Dell’s Precision 3930 Rack is a powerful, unintrusive 1U workstation that provides extreme performance with an affordable pricing model. The unit’s short and narrow design allows users to maximize their workspace by tucking the Precision 3930 away in a server room, keeping the work area quiet and uncluttered. It is also an integrable device into data centers and complex OEM medical imaging and industrial automation solutions with its extended operating temperatures, dust filters, legacy PCI slots, and its remote power switch.

IDC Release 3Q18 Worldwide Server Tracker

International Data Corporation (IDC) ran its quarterly Worldwide Server Tracker for the third quarter of this year. Again we see the numbers trending up for server sales, this marking the fifth consecutive quarter of double-digit revenue growth. And once again, we see Dell make the top of the list.

Elastifile Announces Cloud File Service For Google

Today Elastifile announced signups for early access to Elastifile Cloud File Service (ECFS). ECFS leverages tight integration with Google Cloud infrastructure to make it easier to deploy and manage file storage in the public cloud.

IBM Announces Spectrum Scale On NVIDIA DGX-1 Server

IBM recently announced a converged appliance developed with NVIDIA, the IBM Spectrum AI with NVIDIA DGX. The Spectrum DGX combines NVIDIA’s DGX-1 server with IBM’s Spectrum Scale on all-flash.

Liqid Element AIC Review (7.68TB)

The Liqid Element AIC is an extreme performance, high capacity PCIe SSD, incorporating four m.2 NVMe SSDs and a PCIe switch in a HHHL package. It is designed to handle performance-demanding workloads and offer full compatibility with existing systems that support NVMe devices. Available in the half-height half-length standard form factor, the Element sports a Gen 3.0 x8 PCIe interface that utilizes the latest NVME protocol. The Element has both Data Center and Enterprise models available, with capacities up to 15.40TB and 12.80TB, and offers incredible performance up to 1.25M IOPS or 7GB/s in bandwidth.

QNAP TS-977XU Now Available

QNAP has announced the availability of the TS-977XU AMD Ryzen NAS series, the company’s first 1U hybrid-structure NAS. The TS-977XU is powered by a selection of AMD Ryzen 3 1200 and Ryzen 5 2600 processors with up to 6 cores/12 threads and features redundant power supply models. The new QNAP line features 4x 3.5-inch SATA drive bays for HDDs and 5x 2.5-inch SATA drive bays for SSDs to enable caching and Qtier auto-tiering storage. The TS-977XU also supports QNAP's new software-defined SSD extra over-provisioning, allowing users to allocate additional OP space to SSDs and to attain enterprise-grade performance and lifespan from consumer-grade SSDs.