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Western Digital Introduces OpenFlex Architecture

Today at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, Western Digital Corp. (WDC) announced its new comprehensive set of open standards, architecture and products under the OpenFlex banner. These new products and architecture are touted to address the ever-increasing demands of high-scale private and public cloud data centers. Aside from OpenFlex, WD is also announcing an API, Kingfish, and product specifications for the open community.

Marvell Unveils NVMe-oF & EDSFF Solutions At FMS 2018

Today at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Marvell unveiled a new NVMe over fabrics (NVMe-oF) SSD converter controller, the 88SN2400. The company also revealed its new EDSFF reference design. These new technologies as well as others form Marvell, will be demonstrated at their booth (511) at Santa Clara Convention Center, August 7-9.

Dell EMC Announces Additional AI Centric Servers and Services

Dell EMC is expanding their Ready Solutions lineup with new offerings designed to help organizations with AI tasks.  The two new products they are offering are named Deep Learning with NVIDIA, and Machine Learning with Hadoop. The new solutions are aimed at delivering faster, deeper insight while helping companies realize their potential with AI.

Quest Unveils Secondary SDS, QoreStor

Today Quest Software announced a new Software Defined Secondary Storage platform today, QoreStor. The new platform is backup vendor agnostic and leverages enterprise class compression and deduplication technology. QoreStor is touted to deliver always-on, always-available IT that hit compliance requirements and saves costs through storage reduction.

Samsung Announces 4TB QLC SSDs For Consumers

Today Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced that it is mass-producing a 4-bit or quad-level cell (QLC) SATA SSD for consumers. The company states that this will result in a 4TB SATA SSD for the consumers market, an industry’s first using QLC. 

Samsung PM1725a SSD Review

The Samsung PM1725a is a relatively minor update to the PM1725 NVMe SSD that was launched in the summer of 2015. Targeted at server and array vendors, the PM1725a slots in as a high-performance option that's also available in relatively high capacities for NVMe SSDs with the range topping out at 6.4TB. The PM1725a features Samsung's 48-layer TLC V-NAND and Samsung's own controller to deliver an endurance rating of 5 drive writes per day over its five-year warrantied life. 

Intel Releases D3-S4510 & D3-S4610 Series SSDs

Today Intel Inc. announced the release of two new SSD drive series, the D3-S4510 and D3-S4610. Both new series are 64-Layer TLC, SATA drives. These drives are aimed at saving costs while replacing HDDs in the data center. 

Red Hat Releases OpenShift Container Storage 3.10

This week Red Hat announced the latest version of its popular enterprise Kubernetes platform Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 3.10 (formerly known as Red Hat Container-Native Storage). Just to point out this is a follow up to OpenShift Container Storage 3.9 and should be thought of as three-point-ten not three-point-one-o. This update adds several features such as arbiter volume support for replication for increased container-based data protection and full production support for block-based workloads.

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Review

Intel's Optane SSD DC P4800X series was launched back in March of 2017 with the promise of bringing a new storage class memory (SCM) media called 3D XPoint (Intel branded as Optane) to market. The P4800X launched as both a traditional 2.5" NVMe drive (U.2) as well as a PCIe add-in card. Initial capacities started out at 375GB with plans to get to 1.5TB by the end of 2017. That capacity goal didn't come to fruition, but Intel did launch 750GB Optane models in November. Regardless of capacity, the P4800X has one job and that is to deliver the highest-speed storage possible to latency-sensitive applications in the data center.

GIGABYTE Adds New Single-Socket GPU & Storage Servers To AMD EPYC Line

GIGABYTE has added three new single-socket GPU and storage servers their AMD EPYC line. The new 2U G291-Z20 and G221-Z30 GPU servers and the 4U S451-Z30 storage server leverage the EPYC’s compute and I/O resources of 32 cores, 64 threads, more than 2TB of memory capacity and 128 PCIe lanes per socket. The G291-Z20 and the G221-Z30 are fully compatible with AMD’s new Radeon Instinct MI25 GPU, which is quoted to boast upwards of an impressive 24.6 TFLOPS of FP16 and 12.3 TFLOPS of FP32 peak performance. The MI25 also features large BAR (Base Address Register) support for multi-GPU peer to peer communication.