by Adam Armstrong

Nutanix Expands Hardware Support For Its Enterprise Cloud Platform

Today Nutanix announced that it has expanded its hardware support for the company’s Enterprise Cloud Platform software. The software will be available as a term-based license for deployment on Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) ProLiant rackmount servers and Cisco UCS B-series blade servers (the Enterprise Cloud Platform software is already available on Cisco UCS C-series platfrom). Nutanix is also announcing its Nutanix Go program, an enterprise cloud infrastructure that would be consumed similar to public clouds.

Adding hardware options gives Nutanix a much broader pool for deploying its software. Nutanix has been able to extend its reach past its OEM partners, Dell and Lenovo, to the newly announced vendors above. While this is good for the company, it also benefits customers by increasing their flexibility. Users will soon have the ability to use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software either installed on an appliance or as a software license on x86 platforms on the above mentioned server vendors.

The company is also announcing its Nutanix Go program. Long term IT investments are difficult to do; especially now in this quickly changing landscape. Companies need flexibility here as well. Nutanix Go gives customers more flexible and cost-effective options. Nutanix Go offers highly flexible terms as short as six months. This gives customers the ability to scale up and down with Nutanix infrastructure as their business demands dictate.


Enterprise Cloud Platform software for HPE Proliant servers is expected to be available in the fourth calendar quarter of this year. Enterprise Cloud Platform software for Cisco UCS B-Series Blades is expected to be generally available this quarter.

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