by Adam Armstrong

Nutanix Partners With Citrix To Accelerate Mid-Market VDI

Today at Citrix Synergy, Nutanix announced its new solution to simplify and accelerate VDI deployments in midsized enterprises on up, the Nutanix InstantON VDI for Citrix. For a list price of $415, InstantON VDI includes Citrix XenDesktop VDI Edition, the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform and AHV with Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) integration and 3 years of support. Nutanix states that its new VDI solution can help IT by reducing the burden of sourcing and managing infrastructure to support VDI deployments while reducing deployment times to an average of four hours.

VDI offers up some immediate benefits such as better security and a built in disaster recovery (if the hardware is lost it is less of a concern as the data is stored within the data center not at the end point). However, in order to give end-users enhanced experiences with VDI the price can quickly jump up. According to Gartner the 2015 annual end-user computing cost per personal computing device is $1,015 (IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Key Infrastructure Measures: End-User Computing Analysis: Current Year, Linda Hall, Eric Stegman, Shreya Futela, Disha Gupta, December 14, 2015). InstantON VDI uses low costs endpoints, such as Raspberry Pi-based devices, to offer a cost-effective solution that is also validated for application and desktop virtualization.

Benefits include:

  • Turnkey and risk-free solution - end-to-end solution including Citrix XenDesktop VDI Edition, Nutanix enterprise cloud platform including the AHV hypervisor and the Nutanix connector for Citrix MCS and three years of support.
  • Enhanced value - using Nutanix AHV virtualization technology, businesses are no longer required to separately purchase and manage server virtualization, freeing their budgets and personnel to focus on business driving activities
  • Excellent user experience at any scale - midsized enterprises benefit from responsive desktops and applications starting with as few as 300 users and linearly scaling to the thousands
  • Faster deployment for validated solution - average 4 hour deployment for Citrix XenDesktop on the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform
  • Reduced total cost of ownership - by combining the industry-leading Nutanix enterprise cloud platform with leading solutions from Citrix, customers can scale deployments as demand requires, eliminate costly virtualization licenses and reduce IT complexity

Availability and pricing

Nutanix InstantON VDI for Citrix is expected to be available for ordering in June 2016 and will costs as low as $415/desktop.

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