by Adam Armstrong

Nutanix Releases Acropolis 5.0

Nutanix has had a fairly good run as of late. The company went public in September and saw their stock shoot way up, at first anyway (still up about 10 points higher than IPO). Nutanix followed this up with a strong quarterly earning and stated that they now have over 4,400 customers. To keep the good news rolling, the company has released the latest version of its web-scale computing platform, Acropolis version 5.0.

As we previously stated, Acropolis itself is an incredibly flexible infrastructure platform that provides enterprise-class storage, compute and virtualization services for virtually any application. It also allows IT users to choose the best virtualization technology to suit their needs, from traditional hypervisors to emerging hypervisors or containers. The latest version of Acropolis will offer over 45 new capabilities and touches on all aspects of Nutanix’ infrastructure, the data plane, management plane, and hypervisor. Not only will Nutanix be adding new features, they will be enhancing existing features they customers currently use.

The new capabilities stretch across three planes on Nutanix infrastructure including:

  • Acropolis
    • Acropolis File Server is now generally available
    • Acropolis Block Services now support dynamic load balancing and flash pinning to enhance performance
    • Metro Availability Witness, a light-weight service that enables automatic failover
    • Compression will be on by default in All-Flash systems, and a better compression algorithm has been develop for 5.0
    • Single node replication for smaller Nutanix deployments for ROBO or SMB
  • AHV Hypervisor
    • Affinity rules that pin VMs to a specific host or set of hosts
    • Acropolis Dynamic Scheduling that detects hotspots of CPU, memory, and/or storage controllers to move VMs to the best suited host
    • CPU/Memory Hot Add feature that allows user to add vCPU and memory to VMs without impacting service
  • Prism
    • Self-Service gives users what Nutanix is calling “the goodness of AWS.” End-user can deploy applications with AD credentials giving them independence
    • Network visualization that gives insight to how the VMs are connected to the host, NICs, switches, and VLANs
    • User will be able to manage ESXi within Prism now, with the ability to create, update, delete, and close VMs
    • Just-in-time Capacity Forecasting to help plan out infrastructure needs
    • Search Enhancements with support for Boolean expressions, saved searches, auto correct, and synonyms based search enable administrators to quickly search for VMs


Acropolis 5.0 is available now.

Nutanix Main Site

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