by Adam Armstrong

Nutanix Reports 1Q18 Earnings

Today Nutanix reported its earnings for the first quarter of its 2018 fiscal year that ended on October 31, 2017. Overall the company saw a strong quarter and a big jump in revenue. Nutanix was also able to beat expectations by reporting a smaller loss per share that what was expected.

Looking at the numbers, Nutanix reported a revenue of $275.6 million up from last quarter’s $226.1 million and up significantly from last year’s $188.6 million. The company saw net losses of $61.5 million GAAP and $24.7 million non-GAAP, an improvement over last quarter’s $90.7 million GAAP and $50.6 million non-GAAP. This comes out to net loss per share of $0.39 GAAP and $0.16 non-GAAP beating the non-GAAP expectations of $0.26 loss per share. Nutanix is reporting cash and short-term investments of $349.1 million, deferred revenue of $526.1 million, operating cash flow of $5.9 million, and free cash flow of $6.5 million.

As stated, the company had a very good quarter. They were able to grow billings 32% year over year with $315.3 million this quarter. Nutanix added 760 end-customers bringing their total to 7,813. The company was able to land 49 contracts over $1 million. And saw new product releases and integrations.

Looking forward, Nutanix is expecting revenue between $280 and $285 million. A non-GAAP gross margin of 62.5%-63.5%. Non-GAAP operating expense of roughly $210 million. And non-GAAP net loss per share of $0.20-$0.22. 

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