by Lyle Smith

NVIDIA Announces Quadro GV100 GPU With RTX Technology

Continuing with NVIDIA’s abundance of announcements today, NVIDIA has unveiled Quadro GV100 GPU with NVIDIA RTX technology, giving artists and designers real-time ray tracing for the very first time. NVIDIA previously introduced RTX technology at the annual Game Developers Conference last week.

This new RTX integration means that media and entertainment professionals will be able to see and interact with their projects using correct light and shadows, and do complex renders up to ten times faster than with a CPU. NVIDIA adds that product designers and architects will have the ability to create interactive, photoreal visualizations of massive 3D models in real time.

The 32GB Quadro GV1OO (scalable to 64GB) features multiple Quadro GPUs using NVIDIA NVLink interconnect technology. It is touted as the highest-performance platform available for its use case. The GV1OO is based on NVIDIA’s Volta GPU architecture and comes equipped with 7.4 teraflops of double-precision, 14.8 teraflops of single-precision, and 118.5 teraflops of deep learning performance. Moreover, the NVIDIA OptiX AI-denoiser is built into NVIDIA RTX and delivers roughly 100x the performance of CPUs, which translates to real-time, noise-free rendering.

NVIDIA indicates the following other benefits of Quadro GVlOO with NVIDIA RTX technology:

  • Easy implementation through a variety of APIs: Developers can access NVIDIA RTX technology through the NVIDIA OptiX application programming interface. Microsoft's new DirectX Raytracing API and, in the future, Vulkan, an open, cross-platform graphics standard. All three APIs have a common shader programming model that allows developers to support multiple platforms.
  • Life-like lighting, reflections and shadows using real-world light and physical properties: GVlOO and NVIDIA RTX ray-tracing technology deliver an unprecedented speed of cinematic-quality rendering
  • Supercharged rendering performance with Al: OptiX AI-accelerated denoising performance for ray tracing provides fluid visual interactivity throughout the design process
  • Highly scalable performance: Fast double-precision coupled with the ability to scale memory up to 646B using NVLink to render large complex models with ease.
  • Ability to collaborate, design, create in immersive VR: VR ready with the maximum graphics and compute performance available means designers can use physics-based, immersive VR platforms to conduct design reviews and explore photoreal scenes and products at scale.


The Quadro GV100 now available on It will also be available from workstation manufacturers and authorized distribution partners in April.


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