by Adam Armstrong

NVIDIA Brings Quadro Virtual Workstation To Azure

Today NVIDIA announced that its Quadro Virtual Workstation (Quadro vWS) would now be available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This latest availability brings all of the benefits of NVIDIA Quadro vWS to even more customers. And, of course, being cloud-based users can deploy it wherever they wish.

NVIDIA is most well known for its powerful GPUs that have been used in years in PCs, workstations, and servers. In 2017 NVIDIA took its powerful GPUs and placed them in the data center for VDI work. These new vWS are stated as having the same benefits as having NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in a server on-prem but reside in the cloud. The company claims that the Quadro vWS are right for even the most demanding use cases with up to 24GB of frame buffer per GPU.

Now NVIDIA Quadro vWS are available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users can easily access and spin up their GPUs with the vCPU, memory, and storage needed for their workloads without buying any hardware. The new Quadro vWS are also supported on Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

NVIDIA Quadro vWS on Azure Marketplace for Ubuntu

NVIDIA Quadro vWS on Azure Marketplace for Windows Server 2016

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