by Adam Armstrong

NVIDIA Unveils Omniverse

Today at the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA unveiled a new open, interactive 3D design collaboration platform for multi-tool workflows, Omniverse. This open collaboration platform enables teams to work together, in real-time, on creating and rendering scenes using 2D and 3D software. 

Omniverse works by two-way tunnels its calls portals that maintain live connections between industry-standard applications such as Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Omniverse allows artist on either end to see live updates made by the other artists, even though working in different applications, changes reflected in multiple tools can be seen at the same time. Basically, artists can use the tools they work best in and can work with other artists even using different tools. 

The Omniverse Viewer takes advantage of NVIDIA RTX RT Cores, CUDA cores and Tensor Core-enabled AI to deliver the highest quality photorealistic images in real time. Omniverse supports Pixar’s Universal Scene Description technology for exchanging information about modeling, shading, animation, lighting, visual effects and rendering across multiple applications. And it supports NVIDIA’s Material Definition Language.


NVIDIA is accepting applications for its Omniverse lighthouse program.

NVIDIA Omniverse

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