by Lyle Smith

NVIDIA Virtual GPU Propels Autodesk Into The Cloud

NVIDIA has announced virtual GPUs (vGPUs), which are specifically designed to give Autodesk developers and sales technicians quick access to all their applications and products from anywhere. NVIDIA’s vGPU is a highly-advanced technology used for sharing the company’s GPUs across virtual machines and virtual applications. NVIDIA vGPU software products include GRID Virtual PC, GRID Virtual Apps, and Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation. 

Autodesk, creators of software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries including AutoCAD, previously had to carry expensive, heavy laptops to support onsite customer demos and testing. These systems were equipped with an integrated graphics card in the event that software wouldn’t work on one of them. Autodesk wanted to improve on this outdated method and optimize their resources, so they went to NVIDIA to help them set up a virtual desktop infrastructure. Moreoever, NVIDIA’s vGPU management and monitoring features allow Autodesk to assign computing resources depending on specific compute and graphics requirements.

Autodesk also wanted to test a cloud-deployed virtualized solution because of scalability issues and long wait times for hardware. CloudPC was developed out of this need. Using both Quadro vDWS and NVIDIA GRID to create a virtualized environment, CloudPC allows developers to access applications as soon as they get their desktops. Access that previously took upwards of 12 hours now only takes a few moments, easily prooving the value of the NVIDIA solutions.

NVIDIA virtual GPUs

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