by Adam Armstrong

NVM Express Certifies Over 100 Market-Ready Devices

Today NVM Express Inc. announced that over one hundred market-reay products have been NVMe certified in the last four years. These devices certified include SSDs on a PCI Express (PCIe) bus as well across Fabrics. With a recent test conducted at University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), 21 new devices were added to the list (as well as 6 new NVMe-MI devices) bringing the total over 100.

As many know, and as we have show through several of our reviews, NVMe devices are able to blow most other storage devices out of the water in terms of performance and low latency. NVMe interface is also becoming more common in both the enterprise and consumer markets. As capacity increases and costs come down, you can expect to see more devices coming to NVM Express Inc. to be certified.

The newly certified devices are largely a result of NVMe Plugfest, an event centered around NVMe-based technology. The last Plugfest in May brought 49 engineers from 16 companies (ranging from enterprise to client) that sought a competitive advantage by verifying interoperability, robustness, and specification compliance of offerings that take advantage of NVMe and NVMe-MI, and, through an experimental and ad-hoc testing track, NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF). Participants included Broadcom Limited, Cavium, Inc., Dera Storage, Intel Corporation, Lite-On Technology Corporation, Mellanox Technologies, Memblaze Technology Co., Microsemi Corporation, OakGate Technology, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., SANBlaze Technology, Inc., Serial Cables, SerialTek, Teledyne LeCroy, Toshiba Corporation, Viavi Solutions Inc., and Western Digital Corporation.

The devices that were recently certified include:

  • Device: Type
  • SSDs:
  • Controllers:
    • EpoStar Orion EP160: NVMe SSD Controller
    • Microsemi NVMe2108HC: PCIe SSD Controller
    • StorArt SA3800 series SSD controller: NVMe controller
  • NVMe-MI devices:
    • Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Series: NVMe SSD
    • Intel SSD DC P4500 Series: NVMe SSD
    • Intel SSD DC P4608 Series: NVMe SSD
    • Intel SSD DC P4600 Series: NVMe SSD
    • Intel SSD DC P4501 Series: NVMe SSD
    • Samsung NVMe 172X Series: NVMe SSD

The next NVM Express Plugfest will be this fall at the UNH-IOL in Durham, N.H

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