by Adam Armstrong

OCZ Announces Host Managed SSD For Its Saber Line

Today OCZ Storage Solutions, a Toshiba Group company announced its Saber 1000 series will now have Host Managed SSD (HMS) technology. As we previously spoke about in our second piece on SMR drives, Host Managed technology allows the host to manage certain aspects of the drives in order to boost performance and help give the drives a more consistent latency. HMS in the Saber line will enable certain background processing tasks to be managed such as garbage collecting, which will give the drives, even in a large storage pool, higher performance and better latency.

With emerging technologies such as hyperscale, cloud, and software-defined storage (SDS) large storage pools of SSDs, at times stretching across multiple servers, need to be managed and need to provide predictable latency and performance. Saber 1000 series is designed for the above mention use-cases. Now with HMS enabled, managed by software APIs, datacenters will see the consistent performance and speeds they require at the same price point as the non-HMS version of the Saber 1000.

The new HMS Saber 1000 drives come in capacities of 480GB and 960GB both are in a 2.5” x 7mm form factor. OCZ is also providing a reference design and demonstration platform that demonstrates the functionality of Saber HMS, and enables benchmarking the HMS system performance in real-time. OCZ also provides a software library and a Programmer’s Guide so HMS can be easily integrated into storage stacks of storage OEMs or software defined storage applications.

Availability and pricing

The OCZ Saber 1000 HMS drives are expected to be available in November and will be priced at $370 for the 480GB and $713 for the 960GB (bulk buying could lower prices).

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