by Michael Foster

OCZ Announces Plans to Scale up SSD Production

In a recent correspondence from their president and CEO Ryan Petersen, OCZ Technology has assured key clients of their ability to meet the any spike in demand for OCZ SSDs due to the lack of supply for HDDs. In the letter Petersen said "...I am pleased to notify you of our plans to immediately expand SSD manufacturing capacity. Based on inbound demand, we will be utilizing ISO certified outsourced SMT Manufacturing in order to fill any need in excess of current client forecasts."

On November 4th, Seagate reported that the industry would only be able to meet approximately two-thirds of demand, indicating that there is no short end to the present HDD supply issues. A staggering 33% of hard drive demand will go unanswered by WD, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi and Toshiba in this quarter alone. This is a golden opportunity for SSD manufacturers to grab some much desired market share. Even 1 or 2% of the total hard drive demand for this quarter (Seagate estimates it around 180 million units) would make a material difference in SSD sales.

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