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OCZ Announces Proprietary SSD Interface; Icy Dock Intros New Storage Bay; QNAP Unveils Linux NVR

OCZ Intros High-Speed Data Link for SSDs

OCZ Technology has introduced its High-Speed Data Link (HSDL), a proprietary interface designed to I/O bottlenecks with SSDs. It is designed for high-performance computing and enterprise applications. HSDL has up to 20Gbps of data bandwidth per channel, which is much higher than the current SATA III standard of 6.0Gbps. HSDL channels can be combined to increase bandwidth.

OCZ will be introducing a 3.5-inch SSD called "OCZ IBIS", which will use the HSDL interface.

OCZ Press Release

Icy Dock Intros 3-in-2 SATA Backplane

Icy Dock has introduced its MB973SP-B 3-in-2 SATA Backplane, allowing users to install 3x 3.5" SATA drives into two 5.25" bays. It features an all-aluminum construction and a 3-speed 80mm fan for cooling; the fan can be swapped out by the user.

No screws or tools are required to insert or eject drives. Each drive door has a multi-locking latch. It also has USB and e-SATA ports on the front so users can connect external strorage devices.

The MB973SP-B is backed by a three-year warranty; pricing information has not been announced.

Icy Dock Product Page

QNAP Announces VioStor Pro Series Linux NVR

QNAP has announced its VioStor Pro Series of Linux-based Network Video Recorders (NVR). The company claims the VioStor Pro Series is the world's first Linux-based NVR to offer PC-less quick configuration, IP monitoring of cameras over a network, and HD video playback on a monitor or TV.
QNAP announced the following models:

  • 2-drive VS-2012 Pro/2008 and Pro/2004
  • 4-drive desktop VS-4016 Pro/4012 and Pro/4008
  • 4-drive rack-mount VS-4016U-RP Pro/4012U-RP and Pro/4008U-RP Pro
  • 6-drive VS-6020 Pro/6016 and Pro/6012 Pro

All models include a dual-core Intel Atom processor and 1GB of memory for up to a 176Mbps network throughput. VioStor Pro Series support H.264, MPEG4, M-JPEG, and MxPEG recording from over 800 IP camera and video server models of 36 brands. Other features include 120 channel monitoring from multiple VioStor NVR servers, digital watermarking, advanced event management, email and SMS alert, online RAID capacity expansion, online RAID level migration, and dual Giga LAN.

QNAP Security will demonstrate the VioStor Pro Series in Security Essen 2010 at the Essen Trade Fair Ground in Germany from 5-8 October.

QNAP Security Website

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