by Adam Armstrong

OCZ Plans To Unveil New TLC-based Trion SATA SSD and Z-Drive 6300 NVMe Add-In Card At Computex

Today OCZ Storage Solutions announced that they plan to showcase their new Trion-100 series at Computex this year. This new series of SSDs is based on Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND flash. This new series is aimed to provide an easy and affordable SSD for entry-level users looking to optimize mobile or desktop systems. OCZ will also have a first look at the Z-Drive 6300 add-in Card (AIC), the newest addition to the recently announced Z-Drive 6000 PCIe NVMe SSD series.

The Trion-100 series leverages Toshiba’s Alishan SSD controller and A19 TLC flash memory technology to deliver a blend of performance, reliability, and value. OCZ states the Trion-100 performance as 550MB/s of bandwidth and up to 91,000 random read IOPS. The new Z-Drive 6300 AIC is the latest in the newly announced Z-Drive 6000 PCIe NVMe SSD series. With capacities up to 6.4TB, the 6300 AIC claims a performance of 700,000 IOPS and speeds up to 3GB/s. The is aimed at increasing storage productivity and efficiency in business and datacenter applications.

OCZ will be displaying these new products as well as its complete portfolio in booth #J0224 at Computex in the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.


The Trion-100 Series is expected to be available this summer. The Z-Drive 6300 AIC is expected later this year.

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