by Brian Beeler

OCZ RevoDrive X2 Announced

OCZ has launched the RevoDrive X2, the second in the PCIe SSD line. The RevoDrive X2 is highlighted by quad-SF-1200 processors, delivering 730 MB/s sequential read speeds and 120,000 IOPS. 

OCZ puts the multiple SSDs embedded into the RevoDrive X2 in RAID 0, leveraging PCIe x4 to get past the SATA 3Gb/s interface bottleneck. The X2 uses four SF-1200 processors compared to two in the first iteration of the RevoDrive. This extra horsepower adds about 200 MB/s to the top line read performance and 45,000 to the IOPS count. 

The RevoDrive X2 is bootable and comes in several capacities from 100GB to 960GB. While pricing and availability haven't formally been announced, the 100GB version can be found at retail for $465, 160GB for $591, 240GB for $679 and the 480GB for $1424. 

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