by eugene

Oops, No Atlas

It unfortunately appears that we won't be able to deliver on our promise to cover the big three new 15,000 RPM offerings by our (slightly streched) deadline of the 29th. We sorely hoped to have the Atlas 15K II in the testbed before the holiday weekend- looks like that won't happen. It's a shame... if the Atlas 10K V is any hint, the 15K II may be this generation's drive to beat.

In the mean time, however, we'll move right along to the 10K V's 10,000 RPM competition. First up will be the Cheetah 10K.7 followed by Fujitsu's MAT3000.

We hope all our U.S. readers enjoy their Thanksgiving day; heck, we hope our non-American readers also have a good one!

Stay tuned!