by Adam Armstrong

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Now Available

This week Oracle, or rather Larry Ellison, announced that Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud Service now has a Autonomous Transaction Processing feature generally available. The new feature leverages ML and AI as well as existing Oracle Autonomous technology to deliver what the company calls unprecedented cost savings, security, availability, and productivity. This new Autonomous Transaction Processing is designed for use cases such as finance, retail, manufacturing, and government applications.

As we said back in the March release, according to Oracle, their warehouse database is the world’s most popular but they are still looking for was to make it better and safer. One element that is hard to plan around is human error or slowness to respond to an issue. With the roll out of its Autonomous Database, not only will it be able to skip over issues that vex people, it will be able to push new boundaries in performance and security, all the while costing less that AWS. At the time Oracle announced it would be rolling  out new products in the future with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing being the first. 

Benefits include:

  • Cut costs: Complete automation of database and infrastructure operations cuts administrative costs up to 80 percent. The efficiency of a self-optimizing database together with elastic pay-per-use cuts runtime costs up to 90 percent. 
  • Reduce risk: Automatic application of the latest security updates with no downtime eliminates cyber-attack vulnerabilities. Protection from all types of failures, including system failures, regional outages, and user errors delivers 99.995 percent availability, or less than 2.5 minutes of downtime a month, including maintenance. Database Vault prevents administrators from snooping on user data.
  • Accelerate innovation: Eliminating database maintenance allows database administrators to focus on getting more value from data. Developers become more agile by instantly creating and effortlessly using databases that require no manual tuning. Integrated machine learning algorithms enable the development of applications that perform real-time predictions, such as personalized shopping and fraud detection. The simplicity of upgrading existing databases to the autonomous cloud enables IT to transform to a modern, agile cloud model quickly and easily.


Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing is generally available now. 

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

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