by Brian Beeler

Overland Storage SnapSAN 3000 & 5000 Released with SSD Acceleration and High Availability

Overland Storage has released a pair of new SAN offerings; the SnapSAN 3000 for midrange businesses and the SnapSAN 5000 for the enterprise. Both systems are highlighted by features like thin provisioning, volume cloning, synchronous and asynchronous remote replication, snapshots and disk spin down for reduced power consumption. The SnapSAN 5000 offers additional performance, SSD integration for caching and policy-based tiering, and performance analysis, tuning and compliance tools.

From a hardware perspective, the 2U dual-controller arrays can be configured with 12 3.5" SAS, NL-SAS or SSDs or 24 2.5" drives. Through expansion units, each SAN can support up to 288TB and interface via 1GbE and 10GbE iSCSI, 8Gb FC and 6Gb SAS. Both systems offer high availability with 99.999% uptime, and are certified for Citrix, Hyper-V and VMware. The SnapSAN 3000 includes 4GB of cache per controller, the 5000 has 8GB. Both units feature hot swap power supplies and drive bays. 

The SnapSAN 5000 has all the features and benefits of the 3000, but brings additional key features to the table including; AutoCache, AutoTune, AutoTier and Write Once Read Many (WORM). AutoCache lets users leverage the speed benefits of SSDs to cache hot data on the SAN for rapid access and offers an overall system performance boost. AutoTier leverages SSD storage to for high-speed access to policy-driven tiers. The AutoTune software diagnoses bottlenecks and dozens of other variables to provide advanced reporting and recommendations to the system administrator, including which data should be considered for SSD tiering. WORM is designed to meet compliance needs, by protecting against intentional or unintentional data changes and supports the use of encrypted drives in the event of physical drive theft.

The SnapSAN 3000 and SnapSAN 5000 are available immediately with a starting price of $13,999 through channel partners. 

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