by Mark Kidd

Overland Storage SnapScale Clustered NAS Solution Released

Overland Storage’s new SnapScale clustered NAS solution is built on Overland’s RAINcloud OS, which can unify up to 512 petabytes under one global namespace. SnapScale is designed to compete on price with other rapid scaling solutions while offering redundancy, snapshots, automatic failover, replication, and flexible provisioning functionality.

RAINcloud OS combines filesystem, volume manager, and data protection into a unified software layer with a namespace that spans all nodes within a cluster. RAINcloud storage volumes can grow and shrink without IT intervention, and allow administrators to scale-up capacity by adding drives, or scale-out capacity by adding nodes. SnapScale’s integrated Snap Enterprise Data Replicator offers additional data protection by replicating data between clusters.

SnapScale nodes automatically discover each other and can be configured for two-way or three-way data redundancy and site-to-site replication to meet disaster recovery requirements. SnapScale simultaneously writes data across multiple nodes and drives in real-time ensuring no single point of failure, scaling throughput performance linearly as client and server connections are balanced across the cluster.

Pricing and Availability

SnapScale Clustered NAS is available immediately from Overland resellers and system integrators with a starting price of $19,995 for a 24TB configuration that includes installation services and support.

Overland Storage SnapScale Solutions

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