by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Announces Inside 2.0 Turning AFAs & HCIs Into Hybrid Cloud NAS

At VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, Panzura announced the second generation of its Panzura Inside program. The latest version of Inside features the new Panzura Freedom 7 VM with ten times the performance and scale, tested with leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) systems and all-flash arrays (AFA). Also included will be the Panzura Inside Starter Bundle that, according to the company, can be downloaded and deployed in minutes with existing HCI and AFA systems, turning local flash storage into unlimited, high-performance cloud storage for unstructured data.

Combining existing HCI and/or AFA with Panzura Freedom 7 VM can eliminate traditional NAS (structured and unstructured) and potentially save customers up to 70%. The new solution is set to give customers all the benefits of cloud (economics, scalability, and resiliency) while giving them the performance that they expect from the data center. Panzura Inside has been tested with Nutanix, Simplivity, Pure, Nimble, Tintri, and Tegile.

At the heart of Panzura Inside 2.0, is Panzura Freedom 7 VM. Freedom 7 VM includes high-performance NFS and SMB, tight integration with VMware tools, and dynamic scalability for VM resources. Underpinning Freedom 7 is Panzura Cloud File System (PCFS). Purpose built for the cloud, PCFS offers powerful, intelligent file services such as global namespace, real-time distributed locking, global deduplication, SmartSynch, and military-grade encryption.

Availability and Pricing

Panzura Inside Starter Bundle will be offered through December 31, 2017 for under $35,000. This will include licensing for two Panzura Freedom 7 VMs (primary and HA), along with 25TB of managed storage and one year of gold support.

Panzura Inside

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