by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Expands Freedom Line With Private Secure Site Mode

Today Panzura announced that it was expanding it popular Freedom line with the addition of Private Secure Site Mode. This new function will install a private secure site (an installation with security restrictions that require absolutely no external communications) on Freedom to disable all public communications ensuring a new level of security. The private site will also help companies comply with strict regulatory requirements.

The connectivity of everything makes collaboration easier as well as making companies more efficient. However, it also introduces a certain level of risk. Panzura’s new Private Secure Mite Mode eliminates all communication with outside IP addresses. This gives companies’ a new level of control and helps prevent outside monitoring or attacks. Organizations are always looking for a new level of security as data breaches can cost in the upwards of $150 million and several customers have very stringent compliance requirements especially government and military sites, as well as the healthcare, financial, and gaming industries.

The new Private Secure Site Mode is the latest addition of Panzura security benefits included in its CloudFS. The feature that Private Secure Site Mode augments the most is Secure Erase. IT can move files and folders from a data center to a secure site and erase the files without affecting other data.

Additional security features of Panzura CloudFS include:

  • Encryption of data both in transit (using TLS 1.2) and at rest (using AES 256-bit algorithms)
  • Encryption keys are generated, supplied, and controlled by the customer; the private key is stored at the client premises, not the cloud
  • Data deduplication and compression before data is sent to the cloud, providing an additional layer of security by obfuscating the data
  • Military grade security with FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • Standards-based authentication methods for file access


Private Secure Site Mode is available now on Panzura Freedom 7.1 and is standard at no additional cost.

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