by Adam Armstrong

Panzura Release Software Update 6.3

Today Panzura announced new software, hardware, and support services as part of its expansion in enterprise grade functionality. This functionality and new services are designed to meet the growing demand for hybrid cloud storage in the enterprise space. Today’s release will enhance Panzura’s primary use case of active archive, hybrid cloud NAS, and cross-site collaboration.Panzura is also releasing a new hybrid cloud controller model, the 5550.

The software update will increase cache size of the largest VM to 36TB (a 350% increase over the previously largest VM). The update will make “it as easy to failback as failover” by simplifying HA failback. Now analytics will be available through a single pane of glass including storage, network, performance, and user analytics. Panzura has also added support for IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Object Storage, and Virtustream as well as the ability to write to multiple cloud storage providers.

Key features include:

  • Larger virtual machine cache sizes
  • Enhancements in high availability functionality
  • Enterprise grade reporting
  • New cloud storage support and features

The new controller model, 5550, takes the cache size increase mentioned above and expands on it by providing 16TB of usable cache size equating to over three petabytes of total storage footprint addressable by a single controller.  In addition to the cache size increase, the 5550, along with the rest of the 5000 controllers, received a performance boost resulting in a 40% increase in throughput.

Larger enterprises need extra support. To address this, Panzura is now providing a new Technical Account Manager program.  These new managers act as a go-between, overseeing support from Panzura while monitoring customers’ controllers. This leads to better proactive support and planning.


Version 6.3 of the software as well as the 5550 controller are available now.

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